CBS just released a new trailer for the upcoming third season of summer hit "Under the Dome," and the action-packed clip teases that the show's title may soon become irrelevant for the residents of Chester's Mill.

The clip checks in with all of our main characters, with Big Jim ("Breaking Bad" alum CSI"), who appears in the season premiere as a voice of hope for Chester Mill, preaching faith in the face of whatever dark times the dome may instill.

Of course, the dome may not be a problem for residents much longer, as one of the last shots in the trailer shows the structure being destroyed -- and the bewildered characters realizing that they've finally been freed from their prison. As Barbie (Mike Vogel) says earlier on in the trailer, "Sometimes, you've gotta take a leap of faith." Maybe that's the key to the residents' redemption after all?

Check out the clip below, and dream up your own theories about how Chester's Mill escapes the clutches of the dome. "Under the Dome" makes its season three debut on June 25 on CBS with a special two-hour premiere.

Photo credit: YouTube