It's Monday and you may be tired and uninspired, so here's Chris Hemsworth with an earnest reading of Rihanna's song "Work" to help you get through your own work work work work work week. When you are on a break, maybe watch another video of Hemsworth, this time telling a slightly naughty Thor joke. (It's not quite NSFW but more PG-13 than PG.)

While out promoting "The Huntsman: Winter's War," Hemsworth stopped by BBC Radio 1, so they put him to work reading "Work," and offered YouTube a black-and-white video of the event. The actor doesn't start laughing until the end, which is impressive, and he and the host were both left inspired to go back to work. Which was the point of the song, maybe? Probably not.

Watch Hemsworth get to work work work work work:

Because one can never watch too many clips of Chris Hemsworth being charming, here's one where he tells Graham Norton that fans like to come up to him and tell him Thor jokes, specifically the same Thor joke:

Love it. In case you can't watch the video for some reason, here's the joke: "Thor spends a night with this woman and the next morning he says, 'I have to tell you who I am.' 'I'm Thor.' She says, 'You're Thor? I can hardly walk." Ba-dum-dum!

He's here all week, everyone! Actually, he won't be back as Thor until "Thor: Ragnarok" is released in November 2017.

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