"The Great War is here!" After a false start whipped "Game of Thrones" fans into hysterics, HBO successfully posted the long-anticipated official Season 7 trailer. And it was worth the wait.

The nearly 2-minute trailer will be dissected frame-by-frame across the Internet in the next month before the July 16 premiere, but for now, just revel in the beauty:


Here are some very quick takeaways:

• Queen Cersei Lannister has an amazing floor map, highlighting all of the enemies around her. Is that thing for sale, HBO?

• Daenerys Targaryen arrives at Dragonstone, ready to fulfill her destiny as ruler of the Seven Kingdoms.

• Arya Stark seems to be on her own, at least at first, and cold, which suggests she heads North. To Winterfell, or further?

• There are loads of fight scenes -- dothraki, wildlings, dragons, everybody gets in the game. And as you can see from the image above, the fighting isn't just north of The Wall. Dany's dragons (or at least one) lead a land battle in ... is that Dorne? Or out in the Westerlands for a fight with the Lannisters?

• "The Great War" is meant to be between the living and the dead, aka mankind and the White Walkers, but the trailer is playing its cards close to the vest on the White Walkers front. The posters have emphasized ice vs. fire, with the latest poster focusing on the Night's King, but this trailer is more about mankind. Saving the big spoilers for later this season, or Season 8?

• We do hear Davos reminding someone --maybe Dany, maybe Cersei, maybe a group -- that the real battle is with the dead, and if humans don't put aside their enmities and band together they will die. Then it won't matter whose "skeleton" sits on the Iron Throne.

• Jon Snow grabs Littlefinger by the throat, down in the Winterfell crypts? Ned would approve.

• There's romance in the air. We see a glimpse of Grey Worm and Missandei, in an intimate moment, and who is that kissing Yara? Is that Ellaria Sand? So much for the Yara/Dany shippers.

There are only seven episodes to the 2017 season, which is the second-to-last season in this saga. However, we've been promised that the pace of Season 7 with be breakneck, with no downtime filler.

GoT Season 7 starts Sunday, July 16 at 9 p.m. on HBO.

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