Tiffany Haddish melting down over meeting her idol Oprah Winfrey was just too damn sweet.

On "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" yesterday, the "Girls Trip" star was talking to Ellen DeGeneres about how much she loves Oprah Winfrey (and wants to grow vegetables with her) when Oprah herself appeared.

Haddish rushed over to hug Oprah, then gushed about how much she loves her. Even through tears, her sense of humor never failed her. When Oprah took her hand and said, "You are so, so good," Haddish responded (still through tears), "You told me that before in a dream!"

The two first met years ago when Haddish was "a professional extra" on the set of 2005's "Their Eyes Were Watching God." Oprah noticed Haddish was making all the other extras laugh and told her, "You're a very funny young lady" and encouraged the comedian to write to her. Which she did, many times, but never received a reply.

Oprah admitted she never got the letters (or the one Haddish sent to her BFF Gayle King), but all that's forgotten now.

Haddish shared the historic moment on Instagram not once, but three times!

[Via CNN]