HBO and Damon Lindelof have finally released a first look at their hotly-anticipated "Watchmen" series. And just like the premise for the show itself, it's equal parts intriguing and perplexing.

The imagery comes in the form of a motion poster that both Lindelof and the show's official Instagram account shared on social media on Monday, along with the tagline, "Who watches the Watchmen?" So far, it's unclear if the person depicted in this teaser is Watchmen, watcher, or some combination of both.

The unnamed character -- who appears to be completely original, and not one of the figures familiar to fans of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons's graphic novel series -- is clad in a police uniform, suggesting they're someone in power. But they're also sporting a yellow mask over much of the lower part of their face (only the eyes are visible, just barely), which is the color of the Watchmen. So what gives?

It's unlikely that HBO or Lindelof will reveal too much more just yet, which is in keeping with what little information has been meted out about the series so far. The buzzy concept -- which Lindelof attempted to explain in an open letter that clocked in at a whopping five pages -- is inspired by the "Watchmen" comics, but will not be a direct adaptation, and will instead feature many new characters and be set in the present day. Lindelof said it would be a "remix" of the classic series, and not a reboot or sequel.

If that description doesn't intrigue you, perhaps the show's insanely-starry cast will. The lineup includes Jeremy Irons (rumored to be playing a lord of a British manor),  Regina KingDon JohnsonTim Blake NelsonLouis Gossett Jr.Adelaide ClemensAndrew Howard Yahya Abdul-Mateen II (the villain in the upcoming "Aquaman"), Tom MisonFrances FisherJacob Ming-Trent, Sara Vickers, Dylan Schombing, Lily Rose Smith, and Adelynn Spoon.

No word yet on an official premiere date, though Lindelof announced that production began on Monday. "Watchmen" is set to debut on HBO sometime in 2019.