Last week brought the exciting news that a "MacGruber" television series is in the works. Now, star Will Forte has offered a sneak peek of what fans might expect from it.

MacGruber started out as a "Saturday Night Live" character who then headlined 2010 action comedy movie.  The film's co-writer and director, Jorma Taccone, recently revealed that he is "aggressively" pitching a series to various platforms and that Forte, Kristen Wiig, and Ryan Phillippe were all on board to reprise their movie roles.

Then, last night on "The Tonight Show," Forte and host Jimmy Fallon (standing in for Wiig as Vicki Gloria St. Elmo) performed a scene to demonstrate the "high-minded and complex direction that we’re taking the MacGruber character.”

In the bit, MacGruber wants some "R and R" time with Vicki — but he has a very different definition of that phrase.

With "Last Man on Earth" canceled by Fox last season, Forte now has time to play MacGruber again. Come on, Netflix/Amazon/Hulu/whoever, let's get this "R and R" going.