Kanon (2006 - 2007)

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TV-14 October 6th, 2006Animation , Comedy , Drama1 Seasons, 24 Episodes
Yuichi hasn’t seen his cousin Nayuki in years. Now that he’s back, all knowledge of ever visiting has vanished. He tries to adjust to the vaguely familiar surroundings, but the gaps in his memory haunt him as time grows short. The pieces of the puzzle have appeared – an eerily silent beauty with blazing tresses, the mysterious girl with the winged backpack, and the sword-wielding demon slayer – but it’s up to Yuichi to discover how they fit together.
DirectorsYasuhiro TakemotoYasuhiro TakemotoShinobu Yoshioka
WritersFumihiko ShimoFumihiko ShimoFumihiko Shimo

TV Show Details

Air Date:October 6th, 2006

Last Air Date:March 16th, 2007

Original Language:Japanese
Production Companies:Kyoto Animation
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