Leonardo (2021)

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NR March 23rd, 2021Crime , Drama1 Seasons, 8 Episodes
A fresh look at the life and legacy of the iconic artist Leonardo da Vinci, positing that he was a gay outsider who used his work as a way of hiding his true self. Each episode will examine one of da Vinci’s artworks for hidden clues about a tortured artist struggling for perfection.
DirectorsDaniel PercivalAlexis Cahill
WritersFrank SpotnitzFrank SpotnitzGabbie Asher

TV Show Details

Air Date:March 23rd, 2021

Last Air Date:April 13th, 2021

Network:Rai 1

Genres:Crime , Drama

Original Language:English
Production Companies:Big Light Productions, Lux Vide, Sony Pictures Television Studios, France Télévisions, TVE, RAI
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