Coming of Age Poster

Air Date: May 21st, 2007

Series Summary
Sixth-form students living in Abingdon enjoy a final romp with adolescence.

Genres: Sitcom


  • Season 3 - Episode 8 : Fear Itself Mar 8, 2011

    Ollie has finally committed to giving up alcohol, much to the amazement and delight of the rest of the gang. Inspired by his brave move to conquer his fear, the gang decided they will all support him by overcoming one of their own fears.

  • Season 3 - Episode 7 : Lesbian Jumper Mar 1, 2011

    Love is in the air as Matt develops quite a penchant for older women; Can a romance with Vera, a 70-year-old cleaner, really last?

  • Season 3 - Episode 6 : Penguin Feb 22, 2011

    Following Matt and Chloe's break up, Chloe is at a loss while Matt finds himself caught up in a gang who love nothing more than gentle humor; Ollie's foul mouthed Aunt Olwen has come to stay with him, much to Jas's concern.

  • Season 3 - Episode 5 : Dib Dib Dib Feb 15, 2011

    After much reluctance the principal finally agrees to let Mr Palmer sign DK up to his scouting group for boys, while Jas launches her modeling career.

  • Season 3 - Episode 4 : Robbery Feb 8, 2011

    Having lost his mom's engagement ring, DK is distraught and tells the principal about everything that has happened; However, the gang are on hand to help DK get the ring back.