Dynasty Poster

Air Date: January 12th, 1981

Network: ABC

Series Summary
Denver residents' lives intertwine.

Rating: TVPG

Genres: Drama


  • Season 9 - Episode 22 : Cache 22 May 11, 1989

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    Alexis, Blake and Sable face death; family matters bog down Zorelli; a homicidal maniac follows Krystina and Fallon.

  • Season 9 - Episode 21 : Blasts From the Past May 4, 1989

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    Fallon and Alexis find Grimes' killer; Jeff attacks Adam; Alexis humbles Sable, then the two come to blows.

  • Season 9 - Episode 20 : Here Comes the Son Apr 27, 1989

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    A tabloid targets Jeff and Monica; Zorelli quits for Fallon; Blake is placed at the scene of Chisholm's death; Grimes' widow has a son.

  • Season 9 - Episode 19 : No Bones About It Apr 20, 1989

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    Sable has Alexis' painting authenticated; Blake finds a clue in his father's possessions; childhood memories scare Fallon.

  • Season 9 - Episode 18 : Tale of the Tape Apr 13, 1989

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    Sable proposes a deal to Alexis; Jeff tries to make Sammy Jo accept that Tanner is a priest; Zorelli bugs the Matthews' home.