• Season 4 - Episode 1 : The Devil and Mandy Breem; Instant Millionaire Oct 25, 1980

    A woman sells her soul to the devil (Roddy McDowall); Tattoo makes a man (Arte Johnson) wealthy, and a target.

  • Season 4 - Episode 2 : Flying Aces; The Mermaid Returns Nov 1, 1980

    A commercial pilot (Sam Melville) experiences aerial combat; a mermaid (Michelle Phillips) asks about human love.

  • Season 4 - Episode 3 : The Skater's Edge; Concerto of Death; The Last Great Race Nov 8, 1980

    A farm girl realizes her ice-skating dream; a pianist vies with a virtuoso brother's memory; a race determines a divorce settlement.

  • Season 4 - Episode 4 : Don Quixote; The Sex Symbol Nov 15, 1980

    A millionaire (Paul Williams) becomes Don Quixote; a quiet woman (Phyllis Davis) wants to be a sex symbol.

  • Season 4 - Episode 5 : The Love Doctor; Pleasure Palace; Possessed Nov 22, 1980

    A man (Gary Burghoff) visits turn-of-the-century San Francisco; a widow (Barbara Parkins) brings her withdrawn daughter to Roarke.

  • Season 4 - Episode 6 : With Affection, Jack the Ripper; Gigolo Nov 29, 1980

    A lawyer (Lynda Day George) thinks she has seen Jack the Ripper; a loser (Ken Berry) wants to be a dashing ladies' man.

  • Season 4 - Episode 7 : The Snowbird; The Invisible Woman Dec 6, 1980

    A man (Doug Barr) falls for a trapeze artist he never met; a woman (Elaine Joyce) spies on her fiance and his female musical partners.

  • Season 4 - Episode 8 : Crescendo; Three Feathers Dec 20, 1980

    A singer (Toni Tennille) dreams of meeting a famous composer; a man (Hugh O'Brian) must disprove a charge of cowardice.

  • Season 4 - Episode 9 : My Late Lover; Sanctuary Jan 3, 1981

    A deceased man (Gene Barry) helps his widow find love; a poisoned man (Bobby Sherman) searches for his killer.

  • Season 4 - Episode 10 : High Off the Hog; Reprisal Jan 10, 1981

    A con man (Shecky Greene) preys on temporarily rich hillbillies; an insecure girl (Maureen McCormick) misuses power Roarke gave her.

  • Season 4 - Episode 11 : Elizabeth's Baby; The Artist and the Lady Jan 17, 1981

    A dying woman (Eve Plumb) wants to see her unborn child mature; a mediocre painter (Donny Most) wants to create one masterpiece.

  • Season 4 - Episode 12 : The Heroine; The Warrior Jan 24, 1981

    A romance writer (Mary Ann Mobley) becomes one of her heroines; a man (James MacArthur) wants to impress his wife with heroics.

  • Season 4 - Episode 13 : The Man From Yesterday; The World's Most Desirable Woman Jan 31, 1981

    A killer (Martin Milner) posing as a journalist seeks a mercenary; an older woman (Barbi Benton) wants youth to gain revenge.

  • Season 4 - Episode 14 : The Chateau; White Lightning Feb 7, 1981

    A woman (Pamela Franklin) courts danger to write her grandmother's biography; two feuding hillbilly clans vie for a still.

  • Season 4 - Episode 15 : Loving Strangers; Something Borrowed, Something Blue Feb 14, 1981

    A couple (Peter Marshall, Jane Powell) wants to fall in love again; the past may destroy a bride's happiness.

  • Season 4 - Episode 16 : Chorus Girl; Surrogate Father Feb 21, 1981

    A deaf dancer (Lisa Hartman) temporarily hears; a compulsive gambler (John Saxon) may lose his 8-year-old daughter.

  • Season 4 - Episode 17 : Portrait of Solange; Also Rans Feb 28, 1981

    Tattoo falls in love with a Parisian dancer; a shy man (Larry Linville) wants his secret love to notice him.

  • Season 4 - Episode 18 : The Searcher; The Way We Weren't Mar 7, 1981

    A young bride desperately seeks her father; a married couple return to their old neighborhood hoping to renew their marriage.

  • Season 4 - Episode 19 : The Proxy Billionaire; The Experiment Mar 21, 1981

    A securities analyst (Robert Goulet) takes a billionaire's place; a widower (James Broderick) wants his wife back.

  • Season 4 - Episode 20 : Delphine; The Unkillable Apr 11, 1981

    Mr. Roarke's engaged goddaughter (Ann Jillian) comes to him for help; a scientist (Alex Cord) wants to find a legendary creature.

  • Season 4 - Episode 21 : Basin Street; The Devil's Triangle May 2, 1981

    A jazzman (Cleavon Little) visits turn-of-the-century New Orleans; a TV writer (Trish Stewart) looks for a plane missing for 50 years.

  • Season 4 - Episode 22 : Lady Godiva; Hard Knocks May 9, 1981

    A woman (Michelle Phillips) unexpectedly becomes Lady Godiva; a man asks to become a tough private detective.

  • Season 4 - Episode 23 : Man-Beast; Old Island Opry May 16, 1981

    A man's (David Hedison) nightmare becomes real; a daughter's ambitions differ from those her father (Jimmy Dean) has for her.

  • Season 4 - Episode 24 : Paquito's Birthday; Technical Advisor May 23, 1981

    Poor parents (Linda Cristal, A Martinez) may lose their son on his birthday; Helen of Troy (Jill St. John) helps a naive girl find her first love.