• Season 5 - Episode 1 : Show Me a Hero; Slamdunk Oct 10, 1981

    A woman (Connie Stevens) seeks a long-ago love; a writer (Sonny Bono) wants to be a basketball star to win a girl.

  • Season 5 - Episode 2 : The Devil and Mr. Roarke; Ziegfeld Girls; Kid Corey Rides Again Oct 17, 1981

    Mephistopheles (Roddy McDowall) comes for Mr. Roarke's soul; two former Ziegfeld girls relive their past; a shoe salesman wants to meet an outlaw (Jack Elam).

  • Season 5 - Episode 3 : Cyrano; The Magician Oct 24, 1981

    A woman (Carol Lynley) wants to meet Cyrano de Bergerac; an amateur magician makes his girlfriend (Judy Landers) vanish.

  • Season 5 - Episode 4 : The Last Cowboy; The Lady and the Monster Oct 31, 1981

    An urban cowboy (Stuart Whitman) wants the Old West; a woman (Lynda Day George) asks to re-create Frankenstein's lab.

  • Season 5 - Episode 5 : Mr. Nobody; La Liberatora Nov 7, 1981

    Julie gives a loser (Sherman Hemsley) the wrong kind of strength; a woman (Charo) fights injustice in Old California.

  • Season 5 - Episode 6 : Druids; A Night in a Harem Nov 14, 1981

    A quiet girl (Joan Prather) becomes a Druid queen; a shy man (Paul Williams) wants one night in a harem.

  • Season 5 - Episode 7 : Perfect Husband; Volcano Nov 21, 1981

    A wealthy widow (Susan Sullivan) wants a perfect husband; a scientist's (George Maharis) lack of humanity may cost lives.

  • Season 5 - Episode 8 : Lillian Russell; The Lagoon Nov 28, 1981

    An aspiring writer (Phyllis Davis) wants to be Lillian Russell; a man (Claude Akins) confronts his boyhood in a lagoon.

  • Season 5 - Episode 9 : Romance Times Three; Night of the Tormented Soul Dec 5, 1981

    A woman (Georgia Engel) seeks the three men of her dreams; siblings investigate their adopted father's murder.

  • Season 5 - Episode 10 : A Very Strange Affair; The Sailor Jan 2, 1982

    A couple (Dick Smothers, Arlene Golonka) wants to begin an orphanage; a woman must die for the Flying Dutchman (Peter Graves).

  • Season 5 - Episode 11 : House of Dolls; Wuthering Heights Jan 9, 1982

    A window dresser (Bob Denver) wants life for a mannequin; a librarian (Britt Ekland) loves the character Heathcliff.

  • Season 5 - Episode 12 : Magic Camera; Mata Hari; Valerie Jan 16, 1982

    A photographer (Bob Denver) asks to take memorable shots; a hairdresser (Phyllis Davis) wants to learn about her great-grandmother, Mata Hari; a man returns to find a girl (Michelle Phillips) he loved who vanished.

  • Season 5 - Episode 13 : King Arthur in Mr. Roarke's Court; Shadow Games Jan 23, 1982

    An Anglophile (Tom Smothers) wants to meet King Arthur; a singer (Linda Blair) asks to bring her lover back to life.

  • Season 5 - Episode 14 : Daddy's Little Girl; The Whistle Jan 30, 1982

    A bride (Genie Francis) searches for her natural father; an archaeologist (Edward Winter) wants to make a discovery.

  • Season 5 - Episode 15 : Save Sherlock Holmes; Case Against Mr. Roarke Feb 6, 1982

    An amateur sleuth (Ron Ely) must rescue Sherlock Holmes (Peter Lawford); a woman claims Roarke fathered her child.

  • Season 5 - Episode 16 : The Challenge; A Genie Named Joe Feb 13, 1982

    A tycoon (Vic Morrow) claims to own Fantasy Island; a girl (Kim Darby) seeking marriage meets a genie (Larry Linville).

  • Season 5 - Episode 17 : Funny Man; Tattoo, the Matchmaker Feb 20, 1982

    A comic (Jimmy Dean) wants his fantasy family to be real; Tattoo's dating service causes havoc; guest Misty Rowe.

  • Season 5 - Episode 18 : Sitting Duck; Sweet Suzy Swann Mar 6, 1982

    A big-game hunter (Chuck Connors) comes after Mr. Roarke; a smitten woman (Helen Reddy) wants the feeling to end.

  • Season 5 - Episode 19 : The Face of Love; Image of Celeste Mar 20, 1982

    A probation officer gives a hardened criminal the chance to straighten out her life; an art curator wants to learn the identity of her double, whose image appears in a Gauguin.

  • Season 5 - Episode 20 : Forget-Me-Not; Quiz Masters Apr 10, 1982

    An amnesiac (Jill St. John) wants to regain her identity; game-show hosts (Gene Rayburn, Jan Murray) play in a contest to the death.

  • Season 5 - Episode 21 : The Big Bet; Nancy and the Thunderbirds May 1, 1982

    A ladies' man (John James) bets on a model; a woman (Mary Ann Mobley) raised by Indians must fulfill a prophecy.

  • Season 5 - Episode 22 : The Ghost Story; The Spoilers May 8, 1982

    A girl (Tanya Roberts) stays in a haunted manor to win $100,000; a bounty hunter (Bo Hopkins) pursues his prey.