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Air Date: October 28th, 2011

Network: NBC

Series Summary
Nick, a warrior known as a Grimm, protects Portland from dangerous creatures known as Wesen.

Rating: TV14

Genres: Fantasy, Drama, Suspense, Horror


  • Season 6 - Episode 13 : The End Mar 31, 2017

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    Facing his greatest foe yet, Nick looks to his ancestors for strength to save the world from a terrifying end; Monroe, Rosalee and Eve find a rare potion that might help in the fight; Capt. Renard and Adalind try to keep Diana and baby Kelly safe.

  • Season 6 - Episode 12 : Zerstorer Shrugged Mar 24, 2017

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    A dark force arrives in Portland with its eyes set on Diana; Monroe, Eve and Rosalee make a discovery that uncovers the origins of the mysterious stick; Hank and Wu are called to a crime scene that is linked to the gang's greatest threat.

  • Season 6 - Episode 11 : Where the Wild Things Were Mar 17, 2017

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    Eve embarks on a mission to take on the mysterious force she saw in the mirror, which lands her in unfamiliar territory; after discovering what Eve has done, Nick finds a way to join her; an uneasy alliance is established with Capt. Renard.

  • Season 6 - Episode 10 : Blood Magic Mar 10, 2017

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    After a series of brutal and deadly attacks, Nick and Hank find an unlikely lead in a local nursing home; Eve goes to Adalind to get answers that only a Hexenbiest can provide; Capt. Renard confronts Nick about the mysterious symbols.

  • Season 6 - Episode 9 : Tree People Mar 3, 2017

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    A man claims his friend was consumed by a tree-like figure; the gang takes extra precautions after learning of Eve's disturbing mirror encounter; Capt. Renard tries to find answers about what Diana was drawing.

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