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Air Date: August 28th, 2015

Network: NETFLIX

Series Summary
Real-life stories of drug kingpins and the corroborative efforts made by law enforcement to stop them.

Rating: TVMA

Genres: Crime drama


  • Season 3 - Episode 10 : Going Back to Cali Sep 1, 2017

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    David and Peña are in a race against each other to find Pallomari; Peña makes a serious decision about the future of his career.

  • Season 3 - Episode 9 : Todos Los Hombres del Presidente Sep 1, 2017

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    David follows his suspicions; Peña is shocked to discover the depth of corruption in the Colombian government; Miguel is sought after once again.

  • Season 3 - Episode 8 : Convivir Sep 1, 2017

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    David seeks revenge on behalf of his father, which puts Enrique in danger; Peña asks Don Berna for help on a rescue mission.

  • Season 3 - Episode 7 : Sin Salida Sep 1, 2017

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    Peña plans another covert operation to take down a key Cali cartel member, but he risks running out of time during his search.

  • Season 3 - Episode 6 : Best Laid Plans Sep 1, 2017

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    Jorge takes a risk; an accident in New York threatens to expose Chepe; Peña travels to Curaçao to arrest a potential witness.

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  • Show creators Chris Brancato, Carlo Bernard, and Doug Miro want to tell two parallel tales: The DEA investigation and hunt for Escobar, and Escobar’s point of view in his ever-increasing ambition, power, and ruthlessness. Narcos is superb at delineating the latter: You really get an understanding of how a poor, not especially charismatic man rose from the rabble to become one of the richest, most feared men in the world.... In contrast to this, the efforts of Murphy and Pena to defeat Escobar are, of necessity, more hit-or-miss. Show More

  • A season of television bolstered by memorable performances, an impeccably-paced plot, and an unflinching look into the life of a man who changed Colombia forever. Show More

  • Thankfully, those voice-overs seem fewer this season, the better to concentrate on the show’s action, which is frequently startling and absorbing. Show More

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Nominated Best Television Series - Drama
Nominated International
British Academy of Film & Television Arts (2016)