Simon & Simon Poster

Air Date: November 24th, 1981

Network: CBS

Series Summary
Two brothers with opposite personalities investigate crime.

Rating: TVG

Genres: Crime drama, Action


  • Season 8 - Episode 13 : Simon Says Goodbye Mar 2, 1989

    As they mull over past relationships, the Simons search for a past love of Abby's. Directed by Gerald McRaney.

  • Season 8 - Episode 12 : Photo Finished Mar 1, 1989

    A.J. and Rick reluctantly trail a political candidate's wife and witness what appears to be her murder.

  • Season 8 - Episode 11 : First, Let's Kill All the Lawyers Dec 31, 1988

    A lawyer (Kevin McCarthy) courts the Simons' mother while trying to discredit Rick and A.J. as witnesses in a murder trial.

  • Season 8 - Episode 10 : Play It Again, Simon Dec 17, 1988

    Rick and A.J. search for a writer's missing manuscript in a 1940s-style film-noir detective story.

  • Season 8 - Episode 9 : The Richer They Are the Harder They Fall Dec 10, 1988

    A.J.'s best friend dies of a heart attack at his first anniversary party; guests Vera Miles, Alex Cord.