Through the Wormhole With Morgan Freeman Poster

Air Date: June 15th, 2010

Series Summary
Bright minds from a variety of scientific disciplines explore mysteries.

Rating: TVPG

Genres: Science, Documentary


  • Season 8 - Episode 4 : Is Gun Crime a Virus? May 16, 2017

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    Every 17 minutes, someone dies from a murderer's gun; a wave of violence that political debate can't seem to stop.

  • Season 8 - Episode 3 : Can We Hack the Planet? May 9, 2017

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    Humanity may come to an end if the planet's problems remain unaddressed; scientists unlock the secrets of nature to tame the elements, harness energy, and even control life.

  • Season 8 - Episode 2 : Can We Cheat Death? May 2, 2017

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    Scientists peer inside the mechanisms of aging, tamper with the cellular makeup of DNA, and imagine a world capable of curing death like a disease.

  • Season 8 - Episode 1 : Is the Force With Us? Apr 25, 2017

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    New research begins to reveal a hidden force in the universe -- one that penetrates space with trillions of invisible connections, instantly linking every place in the world and joining the future with the past.