Wagon Train Poster

Air Date: September 18th, 1957

Series Summary
Adventures of a wagon train traveling from Missouri to California.

Rating: TVG

Genres: Western


  • Season 8 - Episode 26 : The Jarbo Pierce Story May 2, 1965

    Charlie talks about his younger days in Pierce's Bend, when he worked for a rugged, God-fearing trading post operator (Rory Calhoun).

  • Season 8 - Episode 25 : The Silver Lady Apr 25, 1965

    Coop tells Hawks the story about the famed Earp brothers and a lady who perished in the wreck of a stagecoach hauling a cargo of sliver.

  • Season 8 - Episode 24 : The Indian Girl Story Apr 18, 1965

    Hawks refuses to turn an Indian girl over to Chief Crazy Bear, who wants to punish her for killing his son.

  • Season 8 - Episode 23 : The Katy Piper Story Apr 11, 1965

    Barnaby kills a masked bandit and is then guilt-stricken when he learns that his victim was a boy his own age.

  • Season 8 - Episode 22 : The Betsy Blee Smith Story Mar 28, 1965

    While visiting an old girlfriend (Jennifer Billingsley), Coop finds he's been recruited to pose as the husband of the woman's twin sister.