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  • Dante's Peak, written by Leslie Bohem and directed by Roger Donaldson, follows the disaster formula so faithfully that if you walk in while the movie is in progress, you can estimate how long the story has to run. That it is skillful is a tribute to the filmmakers. show more

  • Older youngsters not threatened by PG-13 levels of intensity might pester Mom and Dad to let them see this cinematic fluff-head. For everyone else, it simply is what it is -- which, despite a budget that could feed Star Wars' Jabba the Hutt for life, isn't very much. [07Feb1997 Pg 04.D] show more

  • Director Roger Donaldson ("Smash Palace," "No Way Out," "Species"), working from a script by Leslie Bohem ("Daylight"),does a serviceable job, wrapping his narrative around the big kabooms, but the real interest comes from the extraordinary barrage of sound and spectacle. show more

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  • May 11, 2011 Sweetrose
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    Many viewers enjoy a film with action and thrills.This flick is amazing,in that one finds both! We find small natural occurrences in this pacific northwest town of Dante\'s Peak. Pierce Brosnan (Mrs. Doubtfire fame) plays Henry,the male hero.He and neighbor Rachel (Hamilton of the Terminator series),work against time to save their precious town from the volcano its residents live under.Man cannot help but think of the sad storms and natural earthquakes that have recently destroyed the environment and killed thousands.Like in a similar film Volcano(Jones and Heche drama),humanity becomes a precious treasure to save and honor.Unfortunately,it is important to keep in mind that Mother nature may have some wicked plans we must heed and listen to.She is a sly fox that we do sometimes manage to win a war against.Cheers and bravo to Hamilton,Brosnan, and the cast!

  • March 26, 2010 Monikachenyj
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