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  • February 22, 2010 LC23L33T4U
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    The only thing he showed was a good argument for tolerance, and he messed up any science he touched from his biased perspective. Does he really think that the Hitler movement had no religion intertwined into it? Yes the Irony LOL. If and I stress if you take his idea of intelligent design and look at it a few ways you see he would have to also say that a cell is intelligent and from it's intelligence it evolves, or something similar. when you mix the monotheism or poly theism with science you get quacks like Hitler P. , how could he miss that big connection when he makes such other huge leaps of faith. This show was slow lame quackery, and the only thing he really showed is society needs more tolerance on all sides of the equation. But then again he would probably think that the crusades and the inquisition was not evil from the churches and religion, and probably try to say it was from something else. Again the Irony is great and comical to see, as he portrays the thing he rails against to a degree. The evil that man does in the names of there gods, ROFL, and the cosmic irony they entwine them self with. I can only laugh with the cosmos on that point, as more people evolve out of theory of religion. He almost made a argument for religion being for the weak minded P. But I would really chalk it up to bad film content and horrible sources from each perspective to draw from.

  • October 24, 2008 JohanLindgren08
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    You can look at it 2 ways: 1. Evolution is the scientifically accepted way of thinking of how we all came to, therefore all who disagrees are heretics and should be treated as such - Where have we heard that one before? 2. ID is yet another way of explaining how we all came to and it should be put on the shelf as a plausible hypothesis until proven and therefore being able to reach the same status as the theory of Evolution. That academia is just as bad as any fundamentalist society is well-known and the message we should take away is that it is just as bad to be on the "wrong" side in academia as it is in any fundamentalist society. However, it should be made crystal clear that any institution has the right to hire whomever they want to (clearing equal employment opportunity laws) and if they find a staff member teaching something that is not in line with the institutions fundamental guidelines they should have the opportunity to fire this person. After all, at least these fellows don't have to fear the inquisition and the stake as Gallileo had to... So if they lose their jobs there should be other opportunities open to them. Or just take their knowledge and join the ranks of private employment like all of us who don't work in academia. In the end I give the movie 1 star due to the message of the film that if you don't think the way all others do you're screwed and nobody will employ you when there are always ways out.

  • October 21, 2008 Blond Gene
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    Awesome Film! Freedom is what this film is about and not the veracity of evolution or ID. It is about the freedom to hold certain beleives that cannot be proven or disproven any more than the existance of God. We do not harass people for their religious beliefs why should the world of scientific academia be any different? If the world of science was allowed to rule supreme, no one would be allowed to hold even religious beliefs let alone suggest an alternative view of creation apart from evolution. Science is not just anti-ID, it is anti-God if left unchecked. The freedom to hold certain beleifs is fundamental to a free society. Freedom does not exist if those with dissenting or unpopular views are not allowed to hold those views.

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