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  • October 27, 2010 Sweetrose
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    I love Sally Field (Norma Rae), and recall she was zany in the old Flyig Nun show.Here,she plays a mother in desparation to set criminal law right.Karen and her family face a sick repulsive criminal like Robert Doob(Sutherland).She and her husband are set low,when Doob brazenly murders and rapes their older daughter Julie. Meghan is the younger girl, and Doob prances around to say "see what I am doing".Montagna is the detective Karen loses faith in,when he cannot keep Doob locked up permanently; Karen plays vigilante, and wants to set a trap to catch Doob in his act. In the end karen seems to prove a point, that sometimes we must take the law into "our own hands" .Bravo to Harris,Field and Sutherland, for this gripping and heart-pulsing drama.