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  • 75
    Peter Travers Rolling Stone

    Michael Fassbender delivers a bold and brilliantly immersive performance as a sex addict in Shame. He is so raw and riveting you won't be able to take your eyes off him. show more

  • 100
    Amy Biancolli San Francisco Chronicle

    Shame has a lolling pace and stunning visual clarity. Structurally, it's close to perfect - its precision echoed in the Glenn Gould piano recordings of Bach keyboard works that Brandon listens to obsessively. show more

  • 75
    Claudia Puig USA Today

    Fassbender's portrayal is truly haunting, and when he sobs, dramatically unraveling, it's clear he's imprisoned by his physical urges. show more

  • 70
    Joe Morgenstern Wall Street Journal

    Much of the film is banal or pretentious, or both - vacuous vignettes about emptiness. Occasionally, though, those vignettes burst into life and burn with consuming fire. show more

  • 75
    Carrie Rickey Philadelphia Inquirer

    McQueen finds the exquisite tension between the brother wanting to disconnect and the sister longing for connection. To paraphrase a line of Sissy's, it's a good movie that comes from a bad place. show more

  • 80
    Elizabeth Weitzman New York Daily News

    These characters are stripped bare in every sense, reflecting an extreme degree of inner confusion, vulnerability and fear. Betrayed and broken as children, they now have to define and rebuild themselves as adults...Sissy turns a nightclub rendition of "New York, New York" into a heartbreaking plea. show more

  • 100
    Todd McCarthy The Hollywood Reporter

    Driven by a brilliant, ferocious performance by Michael Fassbender, Shame is a real walk on the wild side, a scorching look at a case of sexual addiction that's as all-encompassing as a craving for drugs. show more

  • 60
    Mark Jenkins NPR

    It was frantic sex that earned Shame an NC-17 rating, but this arty drama is mostly slow and methodical. And thoroughly unsexy. show more

  • 85
    Stephanie Zacharek Movieline

    Mulligan is terrific here, and restrained in a way that suggests an actorly generosity unusual for someone so young: Her scenes with Fassbender don't so much say "Look at me" as "Look at him." show more

  • 100
    Roger Ebert Chicago Sun-Times

    This is a great act of filmmaking and acting. I don't believe I would be able to see it twice. show more

  • June 04, 2012 id00000000125450
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    sooooooooo ****

  • May 01, 2012 uv00000000122701
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    disturbing film, manages to bring many different emotions in the same film, you get off, angry, sad, happy, all thanks to a memorable performance Fassbender. The only downside is the exaggeration in showing the parts below the main actor.

  • January 27, 2012 mikesmutt
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    The look, the acting and feel to the movie are all excellent. But the story is very unsatisfying. Watching someone disintegrate isn\'t very entertaining or enlightening when any type of reasoning isn\'t offered.

  • January 24, 2012 karynparis
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    Great acting.... Sad scenario in some ways.... Cary Mulligan was great.... A must see.

  • January 23, 2012 sn00000000111428
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    It\'s a shame to waste your money on this film.

  • January 23, 2012 bg00000000110757
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    I am no movie critic, and, though love movies, very very selective and rarely go to a theater and I am working on that, as I do enjoy them so. I rarely critique them, actually usually over rating them thus do not bother, but, this movie has been on my mind since I saw it before Christmas 2011. A friend won free tickets through a Montreal magaziine he likes, The Mirror Mag. I think it is. We went, in short, the theater was about 1/3 full. I thought I was going to learn something, perhaps compassion about sex addiction since everyone in Hollywood and professional sports is jumping on this addiction or drugs or \"something these days\". Anyway, I wanted to walk out of a movie for the very first time in my life, not once or twice, butnumerous times! I openly groaned at the long tedious repeatitive scenes, could care less about full male frontal nudity for the first time apparently, or so I was told and by the time it happened, I was so upset and unhappy, I wished he had not! TImidly, and regreting it to this day, I stayed. Terrible, one of the worst movies I have ever seen. SUrely there are worse and may I never see them! Sorry but this is a horrible movie, even for free. The friend and I were so upset we reesorting to even complaining about pyaing for popcorn over it. Lol. Sorry. I learned nothing of sexual addiction except this fellow, his sister and likely family is just plain screwed up, & ***** happens, if I am going to die, of an addiction, having learned nothing, may it be this one.

  • January 14, 2012 jpewther
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    Very slow, and I never was able to understand what this guy\'s problem was. Or his sister\'s.

  • December 28, 2011 jagrbk1
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    FANTASTIC MOVIE! Borderline porno but still AWESOME ACTING! Well done! I definitely reccomend!

  • December 24, 2011 Margaret Opine
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    I AM CERTAINLY NO PRUDE EITHER AND I KNOW THIS IS NOT -MAKING LOVE--(THAT\'S RELATIONSHIP SEX); THIS MOVIE IS PORN PURE AND SIMPLE...THE STORY IS ABOUT A MAN WHO HAS A RELATIONSHIP WITH LUST and yes we refer to such a mental state as NOT WELL. I didn\'t stay. I gave it a go thinking some kind of story would come out of it but when the longest scenes were pure porn; I left and asked for a movie pass to see a real movie some other time. I did a lot of research and had classes on human sexuaity in graduate school so I know what humans will do so I was not like shocked; I was just out and out bored. I mean, if you have nothing else to do at work, on your way to and from work, at home in the morning and at night, all night, but stroke yourself, well then, you don\'t have a life. You have an illness. If you want to see what sexual addiction looks like, like I told my nephew, 38, then see it but know it is porn, straight up porn, nothing else, and it is an illness to be so obsessed and addicted to this behavior. BUT WHY SHOW THIS MOVIE at a regular theater? I resolved to say that it is an ad for the porn industry. It\'s advertisement disguised as a movie-drama. I\'m thinking the these were porn actors and actresses (maybe).--MO

  • December 11, 2011 qh00000000107608
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    I am no prude. But this is one of the worst movies I have ever attended. Slow, boring and the torment of the character is beyond comment. If he realy exists, he needs serious professional hlep. If making love is a mental anguish, why watch? Of course, because he did a \"gay event\" Hollywood thinks this some statement to be revered. My one test of a good movie is if I would watch it again, as I often go two times and then love to see a great film on cable. This is one that I would never ever watch again, In fact this film might be a good torture tactic to play over and over in a cell.

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