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  • July 08, 2010 drarthurwells
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    Focuses on two mildly dysfunctional, but relatively well-off financially, suburban families and their relationships between and within the families, in narcissistic America. Excellent movie worthy of 4 stars, but I gave it 5 stars to counteract the under-rating of another user.

  • September 24, 2009 bikerpilotpoet
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    This movie left me asking "Who ARE these people?" Supposedly, an entire neighborhood of upper middle class suburbanites in the early seventies, these people , young and old, are so hopelessly screwed up emotionally and so totally lacking in any semblance of principles that they are completely unbelievable much less LIKABLE. On top of that the script is fraught with so many flaws....just ONE example...In one of the last scenes , a kid , who as strange as it may seem, is out playing for hours in a terrible ice storm when he gets shocked by a fallen electrical cable and is lying on the side of the highway...possibly dead or possibly just stunned...Along comes Kline ************** the kid as a neighbor and without, admisistering CPR or even checking his pulse to see if he's DEAD, simply scoops him up and takes him....not to an emergency room but HOME where he dramatically lays him at the feet of his father. The father, again witho no apparent though of dialing 911 administering CPR or even checking for a pulse simply drops on his knees and starts crying.. GIVE ME A BREAK. Again, I ask "WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE." and, more importanly, how the hell could the critics above simply overlook this movies blatant faults while apparently soul-searching for some saving graces for a bunch of morally and emotionally bankrupt characters.