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    'Guardians of the Galaxy' Soundtrack Will Get a Cassette Release (PHOTO)

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    Taking a cue from Star-Lord himself, Marvel is bringing the cassette back into fashion by planning a tape release of the "Guardians of the Galaxy" soundtrack, "Awesome Mix Vol. 1."

    While the soundtrack was previously available on CD, vinyl, and digital formats, everyone who's seen the flick knows that it originated in cassette form, as a gift from Peter Quill's mother to the young boy. As he grows into Star-Lord, he still cherishes the tape, which he plays on his personal Walkman and his spaceship. (The latter serving as the platform to unleash dancing baby Groot.)

    Disney will release the cassette to coincide with Record Store Day's Black Friday event, exclusive to independent music retailers throughout the U.S. The tape will come with a free digital download of the mix.

    Per Billboard, "It will be the first music cassette released by Disney since 2003. Disney has not announced how many copies of the Guardians cassette will be released."

    Check out the official artwork below, and look for the cassette version of "Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Mix Vol. 1" in stores on November 28.
    Guardians of the Galaxy Soundtrack

    [via: Billboard, h/t Screen Crush]

    Photo credit: Marvel Music/Hollywood Records

    New 'Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1' Teaser Pits Gale vs. Peeta (VIDEO)

    hunger games mockingjay teaserWhile the love triangle between Katniss, Gale, and Peeta hasn't been the main focus of the "Hunger Games" films thus far, it's about to take a big leap forward in "Mockingjay," as the latest teaser proves.

    The new clip features Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) watching in disbelief -- and relief -- as she sees Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) give an address on behalf of the Capitol, urging residents of Panem to "lay down their weapons immediately." While Katniss tries to reason with Gale (Liam Hemsworth) about why Peeta would side with the Capitol, her friend -- a bit jealous to see Katniss so happy about Peeta being alive, perhaps? -- isn't buying it.

    "Everyone has a choice, Katniss, and I would rather die than say what he just said," Gale says.

    Juicy stuff. We'll no doubt see more simmering sexual tension between the trio when "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1" opens on November 21.

    Photo credit: Lionsgate

    After 2 Seasons, FX Has Cancelled 'The Bridge'

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    The Bridge
    "The Bridge" has been cancelled by FX, the network announced Tuesday.

    Despite a creative resurgence in its second season, "The Bridge," which starred Diane Kruger and Demian Bichir, didn't improve where it needed to the most: ratings. According to HitFix, showrunners were optimistic for a third season order from FX following the season two finale, but also had realistic expectations when it came to the size of the audience.

    "Creatively they are very happy with the show. But as we all know it is a numbers game," showrunner Elwood Reid told HitFix at the time. "I really want a season three and hope I have a chance to keep telling those stories, because I can tell you I have just scratched the surface of this world and these characters."

    HitFix reports that "The Bridge" production company Shine will try to shop the show elsewhere in hopes of resurrecting it on a different network (or possibly a streaming platform like Netflix). Stay tuned to see if that plan pans out.

    [via: HitFix]

    Photo credit: Kurt Iswarienko/FX

    'The Flash' & 'Jane the Virgin' Get Full Season Orders at CW

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    2014 NCLR ALMA Awards - Winner's Walk
    Good news, fans of freshman CW shows "The Flash" and "Jane the Virgin": Both series have been picked up by the network for full seasons.

    CW president Mark Pedowitz made the announcement Tuesday, praising both programs for their high quality -- and popularity with audiences.

    "We have had a fantastic start to our season this year, with 'The Flash' launching as our most-watched series premiere ever, and 'Jane the Virgin' recognized as the best new show this season by critics across the country," Pedowitz said in a statement. "Over the past three seasons, we have made it our mission to grow and to broaden out our audience, and to keep raising the bar with the quality and impact of our new shows, and 'The Flash' and 'Jane' have both exceeded our expectations on all counts. I'm thrilled to announce full season orders for both of these terrific new series."

    "Jane the Virgin," starring Gina Rodriguez, airs Mondays. "The Flash," starring Grant Gustin, airs Tuesdays.

    [via: Variety]

    Photo credit: Getty Images for NCLR

    Babs Is Back! Barbara Walters Will Host 'Most Fascinating' Special Again

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    The Breast Cancer Research Foundation's Symposium & Awards Luncheon
    Despite retiring from broadcasting and claiming she was done with her annual "Most Fascinating People" special, Barbara Walters will once again return to our screens this year with her round-up of interesting celebs.

    ABC has revealed that Babs will be back to host "The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2014," set to air on the network on December 14. Despite retiring from "The View" in May, following more than 50 years of broadcasting, Walters has continued to pop up on the network, interviewing the father of Santa Barbara shooter Elliot Rodger in June, and appearing on the season premiere of "The View" last month.

    It was no doubt Walters's familiar presence that prompted ABC to coax her out of retirement for the "Fascinating" special, which the network has revealed will include Oprah Winfrey, Neil Patrick Harris, Chelsea Handler, and Scarlett Johansson, among others.

    "I was absolutely delighted when ABC approached me to do another year of '10 Most Fascinating People'," Walters said in a statement. "I know we said last year was our last, but there are just too many fascinating people out there... and you never pass up the opportunity to interview Oprah, Neil, Chelsea, or Scarlett."

    The additional names on the "Fascinating" list will be revealed at a later date. The 2014 special will air on December 14 at 9 p.m. on ABC.

    [via: ABC News, h/t TheWrap]

    Photo credit: Getty Images

    Director James Wan Will Return for 'The Conjuring 2,' May Helm DC Superhero Flick

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    Los Angeles Special Screening of New Line Cinema's
    James Wan will scare the bejeezus out of audiences again, as Deadline reports the director will return to helm "The Conjuring 2."

    Wan directed the first "Conjuring" flick, which was a hit for New Line, and execs were eager to bring him back for the follow-up. The sequel is set to begin production next summer, with an eye for a 2016 release. (The original fall 2015 release schedule was bumped to accommodate Wan's "Fast & Furious 7," which was delayed in the aftermath of star Paul Walker's sudden death in November 2013.)

    "It was during the editing of 'Fast & Furious 7' that my brain started sparking ideas for 'The Conjuring' sequel," Wan told Deadline. "Taking a break from horror has allowed me to be creatively rejuvenated. I'm excited to tell the story of the next case-file of Ed & Lorraine Warren and expand on this world we've created."

    And Wan's involvement with New Line, a division of Warner Bros., doesn't stop there. He's also signed a production deal with the studio, and may be in line to direct one of the many planned DC Comics superhero flicks due to hit theaters in the next few years.

    "James will make an important movie for New Line and Warner Bros or DC, and that is definitely part of the plan, and a reason for bringing him into the family," New Line president/COO Toby Emmerich told Deadline. "He's the only overall director with a deal here, because we see him as a class of one."

    Sounds like a scary good deal.

    [via: Deadline]

    Photo credit: Eric Charbonneau/Invision/AP

    'John Wick' Review: 10 Reasons You Need to Go See the Movie Yesterday

    john wick reviewLast month, we attended Fantastic Fest, a film festival held in Austin, Texas, that is, to use a scientific term, totally bonkers. It's a place where new and incredibly weird genre movies play and are instantly eaten up (or harshly rejected) by geeky audiences. It's the kind of film festival that celebrates movies that contain (among other things) fountains of blood, animal cruelty, and full-frontal nudity. And it's where "John Wick" premiered.

    And even though "John Wick" is a fairly mainstream affair by Fantastic Fest standards (it's American, features a movie star, and doesn't have a single weird Japanese ghost), it was one of the movies that everybody was talking about. (They had to squeeze in additional screenings to accommodate feverishly nerdy demand.) So, get ready America, "John Wick" is coming for you.

    Keanu Reeves plays the titular character, a former assassin whose wife has recently succumbed to cancer and who now focuses all of his attention on the puppy she left behind for him. When a bunch of deranged goons breaks into his house and do something dastardly to the dog, John Wick returns to his life of murdering lots and lots of people.

    But does the movie deliver the goods or is it lacking in ammo? Read our "John Wick" review to find out!

    1. 'John Wick' Is Seriously Awesome
    First of all, you should know that "John Wick" is awesome, in a big way. The Fantastic Fest screening wasn't just a case of "ooh, we're at a film festival and having so much fun," because that does happen. (There's a kind of halo effect. I'm looking into the exact physiological basis of all of this. Booze probably has something to do with it.) The movie screened for us at around 8 a.m. (seriously) and surrounded by a small smattering of fellow critics and three bean-and-cheese tacos picked up from a nearby Taco Cabana, it was still more fun than six Super Bowls. Quite frankly, seeing this thing with a packed audience over opening weekend is probably going to be the highlight of your month.

    2. Keanu Rocks
    At this point, it's safe to call Keanu Reeves an action movie legend. Between "Point Break," "The Matrix" movies and his wonderful, woefully underrated directorial debut "The Man of Tai Chi," he's got the chops. And in "John Wick" he's never been better. His age (he's 50!) has given him some heft and nuance and he moves in an awesomely balletic way. He dances around the bullets and kills people with aplomb. He's also super charming and dangerous and intense. Quite frankly, if a federal law was passed down that Keanu Reeves had to appear in every single movie ever made, we'd back that law with all that we've got.

    3. It Takes Place in a Crazy Stylized Realm
    One of the more surprising aspects of "John Wick" is the fact that it's super weird and takes place in a fancifully mythological realm where criminal activity is paid for in gold coins that look like doubloons from a sunken pirate ship, people come and clean up bodies if you dial the right phone number, and criminals stay in an underworld hotel exclusively for those living outside the law. There's more "world building" and stylization than most of the superhero movies that you see these days, and unlike those movies, you actually want to see the further adventures of the characters in "John Wick."

    4. There's a Marilyn Manson Song on the Soundtrack
    When was the last time you thought about Marilyn Manson? Oh, really, that long? Well you know who has thought about Marilyn Manson? John Wick. So maybe you should too.

    5. The Action Is Spectacular
    The directors of "John Wick" are David Leitch and Chat Stahelski, two guys with an extensive background in stunt work and who are making their feature debut with this film. Quite frankly, their earlier career experience shows itself in every frame of "John Wick." Not that it's that the action sequences are exclusively spectacular; most of the movie is totally on-point (even the scenes where two human beings are talking to one another). But the movie really comes alive during the action sequences, which are vibrant and unique and shot in the way that action movies used to be filmed, with wide-angle lenses and fluid camerawork. It's the exact opposite of most of the action movies you see these days, with shaky camerawork and quick cutting. Like everything else about "John Wick," the action sequences pop and sizzle.

    6. It's Insanely Violent
    Also, unlike most action movies made these days, "John Wick" is rated R. So that means that there is lots and lots of blood. That's pretty cool. And it's not as ugly or unpleasant as the violence in similarly R-rated action movies that have recently come out "The Equalizer" and "Fury." There's something cathartic and fun about the violence in "John Wick." And that's pretty great.

    7. Don't Worry, the Puppy Moment Is Relatively Brief
    If you're worried about the fact that I mentioned something devious happening to a puppy in the introduction to this review... Don't... It's relatively brief and over in the first part of the movie. It also mostly takes place off-camera. So it is over before it begins. And the John Wick-is-a-killing-machine business gets underway. Yay!

    8. Michael Nyqvist Is a Much Better Villain This Time Around
    "Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol" is one of my favorite movies ever. But if there's a weak link in the movie it's Michael Nyqvist, who played the movie's ideologue bad guy hellbent on nuclear annihilation as an instigator for world peace. What a snooze! But in "John Wick" he plays an evil Russian gangster and he's totally colorful and over-the-top. It's great. Why he couldn't bring that kind of heat to "Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol" is something that I'll probably ponder until the day I die.

    9. Willem Dafoe Is Fun
    Willem Dafoe is having a ball in "John Wick." That's pretty much it. He doesn't bother trying to be intense or brooding. It's like we're watching Dafoe take a vacation. On screen. Imagine that.

    10. You'll Want to Watch a Sequel the Second It's Over
    Unlike most of these big Hollywood confections, "John Wick," a film cobbled together independently and released by Lionsgate, feels more like a legitimate franchise-starter. And more than that -- it's a franchise that you'll actually want to watch. If someone had entered that ungodly early screening, tapped me on the shoulder, and said, "Sir, 'John Wick 2' will screen immediately after 'John Wick' is over," I would be over the moon. But I'd probably need more tacos.

    "John Wick" hits theaters everywhere Friday, October 24.

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    Here's the Full Tracklist for Lorde's 'Mockingjay' Soundtrack (PHOTO & AUDIO)

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    Lionsgate has finally revealed the full tracklist -- minus one surprise song yet to be announced -- for the Lorde-curated soundtrack to "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1," and it's bursting with big names.

    Among the musicians featured are CHVRCHES, Charli XCX (featuring Duran Duran's Simon Le Bon), Grace Jones, Haim, Tove Lo, and a Kanye West remix of the soundtrack's first single, Lorde's "Yellow Flicker Beat." Another new track from Lorde is also on the album.

    In addition to that lineup, Lionsgate has also released another single from the soundtrack: "This Is Not A Game," by The Chemical Brothers and featuring Miguel and a spoken-word loop from Lorde. Check out the audio for that track below, along with the full tracklist and album cover.

    The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 Original Motion Picture Soundtrack:
    1. Meltdown - Stromae ft. Lorde, Pusha T, Q-Tip & Haim
    2. Dead Air - CHVRCHES
    3. Scream My Name - Tove Lo
    4. Kingdom - Charli XCX ft. Simon Le Bon
    6. Lost Souls - Raury
    7. Yellow Flicker Beat - Lorde
    8. The Leap - Tinashe
    9. Plan The Escape (Son Lux Cover) - Bat For Lashes
    10. Original Beast - Grace Jones
    11. Flicker (Kanye West Rework) - Lorde
    12. Animal - XOV
    13. This Is Not A Game - The Chemical Brothers ft. Miguel
    14. Ladder Song - Lorde
    Mockingjay, Mockingjay soundtrack cover, Hunger Games
    "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1" hits theaters on November 21. The soundtrack will be available on November 18.

    Photo credit: Lionsgate

    Keanu Reeves on 'John Wick,' 'Bill & Ted 3,' and That 'Point Break' Remake (EXCLUSIVE)

    Filed under: Interviews, Movies
    keanu reeves john wickKeanu Reeves has been many things over the years The One, Ted, sad. But this week he assumes a new role as John Wick in the movie of the same name, a high octane thriller directed by a pair of former stuntmen (David Leitch and Chad Stahelski) and so relentlessly entertaining that it will make you forget about whatever the hell "47 Ronin" was.

    In "John Wick," Reeves essays the role of a former hitman who has given up that life for the love of his wife, Helen (Bridget Moynahan). After Helen succumbs to a longtime illness, Wick is left alone and grieving, comforted only by the affection of the small puppy Helen left behind. When some Russian thugs (led by Alfie Allen) break into his home, it sets Wick on a long, bloody path of revenge. And it's really, really cool.

    We sat down with Reeves last week and talked about all things "John Wick," the chances of another "Bill & Ted" movie actually happening, whether or not he had any crazy Gary Oldman stories, and what his favorite revenge movies are.


    There were rumors circulating online that in between the screening at Fantastic Fest and now that there were some things that had been cut. Is there any truth to that rumor?

    I haven't heard any of those rumors, but I don't think that that is true. The film they saw is the film that is, is the film that will be.

    For eternity.

    For whatever that is.

    What are some of your favorite revenge movies?

    Favorite revenge movies... Hmm... Is "Dirty Harry" a revenge movie? There's some psychological revenge. He's working something out. Maybe that's not revenge. But "Kill Bill" is definitely a classic revenge tale. What are some other ones? Hmmm...

    So you didn't feel indebted to this sub-genre then?

    It's funny, because I always thought of it as avenge or reclaim, which is kind of what revenge is, right? I need to reclaim what was lost. I mean "Unforgiven" is a good one. So that was a part of it but once I got into "John Wick" I was just about John Wick, in the sense of reclaiming what was taken from him -- his life, his moment to grieve. He's walked away from this dark past for love and then these people come along and fucking kill it. He wants his life back. I think people can relate to that.

    Well, hopefully people aren't killing other people.

    No, but there's a little bit of the fantasy. That's movies, right? It's catharsis.

    But at the same time it's an R-rated movie. It's not a comic book. Is there any interest in doing one of these things on your end?

    I mean, I love the graphic novel form. I like how it's been translated. I certainly think it's impactful, with the images translating to cinema. I mean just look at "The Matrix." That was influenced by graphic novels and anime. I like that world. I like action. I like science fiction. I like heightened realism.

    They haven't gone to you to play a specific superhero, have they?

    No. I think I missed that one. I always wanted to play Wolverine. But I didn't get that. And they have a great Wolverine now. I always wanted to play The Dark Knight. But I didn't get that one. They've had some great Batmans. So now I'm just enjoying them as an audience.

    You could direct one.

    Yeah, I could do that.

    As "John Wick" is approaching, have audience reaction been what you expected it to be?

    Well, the only time I've seen it with an audience was back in Austin. So I'm seeing it tonight with an audience. I'm excitedly nervous about that. Hopefully people will like it. Spending some days here with people who have seen the film, it's cool. People have said nice things and enjoyed it.

    It's a movie for audiences.

    This movie is fun. This movie is a good time. This movie isn't stupid, though. It's got humor, action, the production design, the way the action is depicted, the fun of the characters. This is a go-to-the-movies, hang-out, date-movie. It's like a date movie or just go f*cking watch some action and see John Wick taking care of business. Or just cry when the dog gets stomped.

    I heard the dog was here.

    Yes. He has grown up to a bigger beagle.

    Has there been any more talk about furthering the adventures of John Wick?

    I mean, I guess for me personally I would like to see that character again. I loved playing him. I know the writer has thought about that. But amongst ourselves we haven't spoken about a sequel. It's really up to the audience, so we'll see if they enjoy it. It's original content, too, so it's not like, Let's go back to the John Wick graphic novel.

    Where do you want to see John Wick go?

    There's this impossible mission spoken about. So you could do a prequel about why John got out of the life. Or why did he get into the life? But for me, if it was in the future, what would get him back into the life? And what would he do? I wouldn't want it to be a revenge story again and I wouldn't want him to do it for money. But I'd be interested if there was something that he couldn't help himself. Maybe he takes advantage of it. Maybe he sees something going wrong or someone comes to him. John Wick's got a sister! I don't know. I don't want to do that. Maybe he could get all weird.

    What does John Wick getting weird mean?

    I don't know. Maybe he could push forward. Maybe there could be characters having dreams of this past life. Yeah...

    There has been talk of another of your other movies either being remade or a sequel being done. What do you think about the "Point Break" remake?

    Good luck, man. Those people have a challenge and an expectation. I think it's cool that people are updating it or making that story their own. It means that the first film has a lot of affection and a classic legacy, which is cool. So to have another time take that and make it their own is great. But good luck. I wish them well.

    Would you go see it?

    Sure. Yeah. Let's go have a weird Wednesday and go see "Point Break." Is it still going to be called "Point Break"?

    I'm sure it'll be called "Point Break."

    You've got to update it. You have to make it your own. I just wonder if they'll call it "Point Break: Extreme."

    Well, they still called "Red Dawn" "Red Dawn" even though it was North Korea and not Russia.

    You need a good name. But how do you have a "Point Break" without surfing?

    Surfing will be part of it. But there'll be other stuff.


    Just go on bargain night.

    Stop! It's tough to make a movie!

    But you already made a great "Point Break."

    Yeah, but... You know, they can make another.

    You're responsible for stirring the flames of a "Bill & Ted" sequel every once in a while.

    Oh yeah that's my fault.

    You talk about it a lot.

    They ask me!

    Is it happening?

    I don't know.

    Do you want it to happen?


    I'm not convinced.

    I can't blame you. We're trying to do it. There's a script. We're trying to get the rights. We're trying to raise the money. We're trying to get a director. It's still early days.

    You could direct it.

    I'm not going to direct it. I need to focus all of my energy into playing Ted Theodore Logan. He will take everything I have.

    Every molecule of Keanu is going to go into this performance.

    Yes. As they all do.

    It's almost Halloween and you have certainly contributed with your performance in "Bram Stoker's Dracula." Looking back on it, what was that whole situation like?

    I know that we were struggling to get the hair grey. What else?

    What was working with Coppola like?

    It was f*cking amazing. We had an amazing experience. There's an opera to it that's amazing. I've seen it a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it. I think it holds up. I had an English accent and I know we re-looped it a couple of times. It was an extraordinary time. The whole cast is fantastic.

    Do you have any crazy Gary Oldman stories? He was still pretty nuts back then.

    He wasn't nuts. That guy is a genius. He's one of the best actors who ever lived; when I met him, and seeing him perform. He's one of the brightest lights, one of the sharpest edges... The guy is a master. Even back then I was inspired.

    Yeah, but he was insane.

    Insane?! He was playing f*cking Dracula! In a Coppola movie!

    Was he in character?

    I don't know! He was amazing! He was full of fire and passion! And he cared. He was on fire.

    Would you return to the horror genre?

    Sure. I worked with Eli Roth recently on "Knock Knock," which was fantastic.

    Have you seen it?

    I have seen a cut of it. It was fantastic.

    Is it scary?

    It's a little bit scary. It's a home invasion movie. I'm playing this guy who is a husband, father, architect, alone. It's the weekend and knock, knock, I open the door. It's raining. There's two girls. They're in party clothes. "We're lost, can we come in?" They seduce me. We do it. A lot. Then they don't leave in the morning. Then they start to exact a kind of revenge.

    So that's revenge too!

    It is. You know, with "John Wick" I was playing the avenging angel and in "Knock, Knock," I'm the victim. But not really... Can I say "f*ck"?

    You've already said "f*ck," like, 15 times.

    Have I really? Oh well. They're like, "You f*cked us. And we're going to tell your wife you're a pedophile." But they're not underage. They tell me they are and this character is kind of a dope. But yeah... That was fun.

    You're about to start your first TV show, "John Rain." What are your favorite TV shows of the moment?

    I'm not watching any TV shows at the moment.

    Did you watch "True Detective"?

    Is that of the moment?

    Well, it's this year.

    Okay. Yeah. Of course.

    Did you have any interest in being in the second season?

    I didn't think about it. I wasn't approached. So they weren't thinking about me. But the acting and writing -- and Cary did such an amazing job.

    Season 3. John Wick in "True Detective."


    "John Wick" exacts his revenge in theaters everywhere Friday, October 24.

    Gugu Mbatha-Raw & Nate Parker Share a Moment in This Exclusive 'Beyond the Lights' Preview

    Beyond the Lights - Clip No. 1

    Love stories featuring two people from opposite sides of the track are as old as time, but "Beyond the Lights" puts a very modern twist on the timeless tale.

    Gugu Mbatha-Raw stars as Noni Jean, a rising young singer who's just won a Grammy. Nate Parker is Kaz Nicol, a hard-working cop. They meet when he saves her from a nearly fatal suicide attempt.

    And though they're on completely different career paths, they can't help falling for each other. In this exclusive clip, they share a quiet moment together, away from the bright lights of the stage and the pulsing lights of police cars.

    "Beyond the Lights" also stars Minnie Driver and Danny Glover, and opens in theaters November 14.

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