Last night House of Cards" (produced by anotherGolden Globes nominee, David Fincher). And, as if by magic, during the commercial break following Spacey's win, we got a lengthy, insanely moody trailer for the third season and it looks pretty tremendous.

The trailer is incredibly quick, with only the briefest flashes of action, but it looks like there are going to be serious complications, both in Underwood's ascension and in his relationship with his steely wife Claire (Robin Wright). Also, we noticed that the "Deep Web" hacker guy from last season is back, which is both topical and timely!

It's unclear whether or not this will be the final season for the all-star Netflix series, considering the British series only ran for three seasons (although the entire series ran for a total of twelve episodes), but we don't think this is going to be the season where Underwood gets his comeuppance. Man are we longing for that comeuppance!