2014 New York Film Critics Circle Awards - Arrivals
Among the biggest surprises when the Academy Award nominations were announced Thursday was the snub of "The LEGO Movie" in the Best Animated Feature category. While the fun flick had been considered a lock to win the statuette, it nevertheless came up short when the Oscar shortlist was revealed.

The outcry was immediate and loud, leaving many fans and industry insiders alike scratching their heads in disbelief over the film's almost complete shut-out. (It did manage to score one nomination in the Best Original Song category, for upbeat anthem "Everything Is Awesome!!!")

But "LEGO" co-director Philip Lord was not among those crying foul. Instead, he had the perfect response to the news.

"It's okay," he wrote on Twitter, accompanied by a photo of a LEGO-ified Oscar statuette. "Made my own!"

We applaud both Lord's creativity, and his ability to be a good sport. The merits of "LEGO" may have gone unrecognized by The Academy, but moviegoers know that everything is a little bit more awesome because this film exists.

[via: Philip Lord]

Photo credit: Andrew H. Walker via Getty Images