The Price Is Right, George Gray

"The Price Is Right" announcer George Gray landed on his backside and landed himself on YouTube "FAIL!" lists for life after a mishap on a treadmill during a segment on the venerable game show.

Gray was showing off a treadmill prize for one lucky contestant, and for some reason, decided to walk backward on the equipment. As he reached for his cue cards to introduce the rest of the prizes, the announcer tripped and fell, landing butt-first and crashing to the ground.

But Gray took the old showbiz motto "The show must go on" to heart, gamely continuing with the segment from the floor, describing the three prizes up for grabs. When he got to the treadmill, he feigned exhaustion, draping himself over the equipment before quipping, "Ass print not included."

Other than wounded pride, here's hoping Gray doesn't have any lingering injuries from his tumble. (Though when it comes to using treadmills, he may be scarred for life.)

[via: USA Today]

Photo credit: YouTube