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Where's Liam Neeson when you need him? Bruce Willis has joined the upcoming thriller "Extraction," but this time around, he's the one who needs saving. Willis will play a retired Secret Service man who's hard at work developing a secret weapon with his CIA operative son when he's kidnapped by terrorists - Willis, that is. When the government won't step in to help, his son goes rogue to rescues his pops himself.

"Extraction," which will begin filming in February, will be directed by Steven C. Miller, who recently directed the Santa-centric horror flick "Silent Night" in 2012. The real question is just how much screen time Willis will have in the film.

Willis already has a few more projects lined up, like John Pogue's "Wake" and an adaptation of Elmore Leonard's "Bandits." No matter what Sylvester Stallone has to stay about Bruce's work ethic, you can't deny the guy stays busy!

[Via Deadline]