Terminator: Genisys

A new TV spot for "Terminator: Genisys" is fast-paced, action-packed, and chock full of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The short clip features Sarah Connor (Emilia Clarke) directing the original Terminator (Schwarzenegger) to arm himself, and also has a shot of Schwarzenegger's memorable (naked) entrance from the first flick. There's also a school bus flipping over, and a few brief glimpses of the new bad guy, who takes a cue from "Terminator 2" and emerges from some flames.

It all goes by pretty quickly, though judging by all the callbacks to the original series, we're guessing "Genisys" is more about fan service than plot. Catch the clip below, and see it debut on the airwaves during the Super Bowl on February 1.

"Terminator: Genisys" is due in theaters on July 1.

Photo credit: YouTube