Between Ezra Fitz's terrible life choices, Aria Montgomery's hair feathers, and the fact that everyone's favorite Kindergarten Cop (aka Toby Cavanaugh) still thinks he's a policeman, "Pretty Little Liars" has been a roller coaster of non-stop drama. This week, the liars continue to investigate Mona Vanderwaal's murder, and it looks like they might be getting closer to uncovering the truth. Actually, that will probably never happen –– this is "Pretty Little Liars" we're talking about. But hey, at least we're one step closer to unraveling this episode with our recap!

Hanna Discovers One of Mona's Biggest Secrets, Holbrook Gets Suspended

Alison DiLaurentis' trial is coming up, and the little liars are pretty convinced she's going to be convicted. That's the good news. The bad news is that Hanna is public enemy number one with the police (who think she's Alison's accomplice), and now she's on a mission to clear her name. First on the list? Heading to the police station, where she overhears Detective Holbrook get suspended. Next up? Connecting with Mona's old friend, Lesli. Turns out this newcomer is in town to meet the liars, and she wastes no time telling Hanna that she suspects Aria's brother, Mike Montgomery. Thanks for your theory, Lesli, if that's even your real name.

Also of note: Hanna spends a lot of this episode having flashbacks while clutching a giant book, which she realizes is actually a box. It's contents? A tiny tape containing Bethany Young's therapy sessions.

Spencer Makes A New Friend, Hanna Confronts Holbrook

Detective Holbrook's must be taking lessons from Ezra Fitz' School of Stalking, because he follows Hanna and pulls her over for speeding (despite the fact that he was suspended). Holbrook ends up going on a crazy rant about how his career is finished thanks to Ali, and also mentions that he's been holed up in a hotel with internal affairs for the past week. Guess this means he isn't Ali's fall guy after all (or, to quote Hanna, they've been "barking up the wrong henchman").

In other news, remember how there's a free-spirited artist living in Spencer's barn who's trying to convince her to ditch college? Yeah, well he's obsessed with Spence, and these two spend most of this episode building Ezra a "perpetual motion machine powered by secrets." Or, in layman's terms, the most amazing thing ever.

Also it should be noted that Mrs. Hastings is consulting with the prosecution on Ali's case, and she finds out that the blood spots found last week belong to Alison. Sweet relief.

Emily and Talia Get Close, Aria Suspects Her Brother of Cahooting

Last week, Ezra announced that he and Aria should probably breakup so she can spread her wings and fly, and while we appreciate the fact that he's finally realized how weird it is for him to be dating a teenager who he used to stalk, Aria is now in a state of emotional fragility. To make matters worse, she finds out that Mike has been visiting Ali in jail, so she does what any girl who spends time with Ezra would do: she stalks him. Aria follows Mike to a lake and watches him drop off a sinister looking plastic bag full of candy, and when he sees her he refuses to divulge any information about what he's up to or why he's visiting Ali. Could he be Ali's new henchman? Possibly....

Of course we can't forget about Emily and Talia, who spend most of this episode in a fit of sexually tense side-eyes. It's clear that Emily's interested in her co-worker, but the fact that she's still hung up on Paige makes things slightly tricky. However, Emily ends up telling Talia how she really feels using Ezra's completely hilarious whisper machine, and they share a sweet kiss. Which would be a pretty adorable way to close out the episode if we weren't fairly certain that everyone's going to go to jail and / or die next week.

Burning Questions:

1. Is Mike working with Alison? And if so, why –– he's Team Mona!

2. Ezra was MIA this week –– when will he and Aria resolve their relationship dilemma?

3. Now that Holbook's been rejected by Ali, will he join the liars?

4. Toby was also MIA this week –– will he and Spencer reconnect, or will she start dating Jonny?

5. What was on the rest of Bethany Young's therapy session tape?