Will Smith was on "The Tonight Show" Thursday night. Since Jimmy Fallon is a self-described "classically trained beatboxer," he and Will beatboxed to "It Takes Two," using an iPad app. It took them a while to get into it, but it's good. Will also got the audience involved. It was a big night for performing to and with the audience, as you can see in other show videos below.

Jeff Bridges - who has to be one of the best people on our planet - was on "Conan" and talked about his Super Bowl ad. You should watch his "Epic Omming Session" with Conan, Andy and the audience. It goes on for a while and Conan checks his watch about halfway through. Jeff also shared a bizarre "Big Lebowski" story. Turns out he had a rather R-rated prank pulled on him during The Dude's dream sequence.

Lily Collins was also on "Conan," and it turns out she and Jeff Bridges are both big fans of Renaissance Faire. She also revealed in an interview that she would like to be a master baker, and she realized afterward that it sounded kind of dirty. Magic Johnson was on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" to discuss his first NBA title (35 years ago!) and he shared some advice for the Lakers, including "if you're going to be bad, but all the way bad so we can get a good draft pick." Magic and Jimmy also played some wiffle ball - with Guillermo as catcher - so check that out. Let's just say there's a reason he's best known for basketball.

Scotty Foley was on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" to talk about "Scandal" and how he tries to break the tension on set. He also discussed his odd Twitter fight with William Shatner. Scott thinks he turned Shatner from a hater into a "Scandal" fan.

Seth Meyers will probably relive last night in his dreams, many times over, since he got to hang out with Victoria's Secret supermodels Candice Swanepoel and Lily Aldridge. They discussed how dangerous the giant wings are during VS shows, showing how Ariana Grande got hit by one.

Former SNL-er Brooks Whelan was also on "Late Night" and he was upset to miss the "babes" who were on the couch before him.

Martin Short was on "Late Show with David Letterman" and he arrived on stage singing "Fly Me Through the Room" as he did just that on wires. Great intro! Martin is always a good time, and he talked about his book, dishing on a hilarious drunken dinner he had with Nick Nolte. He also shared a story about working with Larry David at SNL. Martin was only on one season, '84-'85.

"The Late Late Show" has a series of guest hosts and right now John Mayer is hosting. Thursday night, Bob Saget, Bob Weir and Mary Lynn Rajskub were guests. John and Bob Saget reminisced about when they met and did stand-up. Mary Lynn played a song she wrote about John. To close the show, John and Bob Weir performed "Althea."