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With a new deal locked in over at HBO, John Oliver won't be returning to Comedy Central to fill Jon Stewart's soon-to-be-vacated "Daily Show" chair. And another candidate has taken herself out of the running, too.

Jessica Williams, who's been a correspondent for "The Daily Show" since 2012, was one of the names floating around as a potential replacement when Stewart announced that he'd be giving up his hosting gig later this year. And while Williams would be an inspired choice, it turns out that the young comedienne has no interest in the job.

In a series of tweets posted over the weekend, Williams acknowledged the rumors about her potential rise in the "Daily Show" ranks, but ultimately said, "Thanks, but no thanks." "I'm not hosting," Williams tweeted, adding, "I am super not right for [the job]," but she "Can't wait to stick around & see what happens."

And for those worried that Williams's distancing herself from the host's chair means she might leave "The Daily Show" soon, the correspondent quickly quashed those thoughts. "I'm gonna troll that ass for yrs," she tweeted.

Sounds excellent to us.

[via: Jessica Williams]

Photo credit: Getty Images for Comedy Central