Wayne's World, SNL 40
There was plenty of nostalgia to go around during Sunday's "SNL 40" special, including a reprise of beloved characters Wayne and Garth in a new "Wayne's World" sketch.

Mike Myers and Dana Carvey donned wigs and ripped jeans for the callback to their classic "Saturday Night Live" personas, sending up the show itself with a top 10 list shouting out all the things they -- and viewers at home -- love about the program, 40 years later. It included send-ups of their own penchant for catchphrases (Schwing!) and poked fun at both longtime producer Lorne Michaels, as well as relatively-new addition to the "SNL" canon Kanye West (who gamely played along as guards watched him closely in the crowd, lest he make a break for the stage to "interrupt" the proceedings).

The goofy clip is sure to put a smile on your face, and make you want to bust out some air guitar as you sing along to the "Wayne's World" theme song. Check it out below. We think you'll find it's pretty excellent.

Photo credit: YouTube