Over the past few months director Neill Blomkamp, whose robotic crime movie "Chappie" opens next month (and who, contrary to Twitter scuttlebutt, is very good indeed), has released a series of cryptic images over his Instagram account that suggest he was in the process of developing a new movie set within the "Alien" universe. Well, it looks like that is very much the case, as Deadline is reporting that Blomkamp has been hired to direct a new installment in the franchise, to be produced by series overlord Ridley Scott. True to form, Blomkamp took to Instagram, posting a photo of the xenomorph and saying it's "officially my next film." Zounds!

Deadline was quick to point out that Scott is still actively developing a sequel to "Prometheus," which he will once again produce and direct. There is no timeline on either project but both are moving forward (even without workable scripts). We chatted with Blomkamp a couple of weeks ago and asked him about those "Alien" images. Read what he had to say below!

Moviefone: What were those "Alien" images you put up on Instagram?

Neill Blomkamp: I spent a lot of 2014 on post-production on "Chappie," coming up with an "Alien" film that I wanted to make. But then I wasn't sure that I wanted to do any film. I'm still not sure I'm going to do any film at all. But I figured that I might as well put some of it out because it's cool stuff. I probably put out 5-10 percent of what I developed. It's pretty far along actually.

Have you pitched this to Fox?

No. But Fox would make it in a second. It's just a case of deciding to move forward or not.

Why wouldn't you?

I wouldn't. Not because of "Alien." Because if I was the younger me, I would kick myself in the head for not doing an "Alien" movie. It's more a case of making sure that Hollywood and film is the right platform for me. It's more a Is film the right place for me? question than it is specific to the project.

Why are you having these doubts?

Because Hollywood is lame. It's corporately run. It's not very artistic. And if it is artistic you have to fight. You have to shed blood to make it artistic. There are other platforms where you can just be artistic. You'd reach a lot less people but that's okay. I'm not saying I'm leaving film because I probably won't but I'm just assessing.

Did you talk to Sigourney Weaver about it?

Yes. Speaking to her about what she thought about Ripley and where she went in the movies and her thoughts on it are what led to that concept.