Disney's "Tomorrowland," directed by super genius filmmaker Brad Bird and starring undeniably handsome bloke George Clooney, has been one of the more tantalizing propositions of movies this year. This is a movie that, for years, has been cloaked in mystery, and even as the release date (May 22nd) rapidly approaches, the filmmakers and marketing gurus have been extremely shy about showing off anything from the potential blockbuster. We saw a nifty sequence at New York Comic Con last fall, with an enigmatic trailer premiering around the same time, and a Super Bowl spot that hinted at slightly more footage. Now a full-length trailer has launched (literally) and it hasn't just lived up to expectations of what the movie would actually look like, it has exceeded them.

Things, however, are still pretty mysterious. The trailer starts with Clooney saying that, "With every second that ticks by, the future is running out." We then get more of the "Close Encounters of the Third Kind"-style imagery of Britt Robertson touching a Tomorrowland pin and being whisked away to a futuristic city encircled by golden fields. She hunts down Clooney and demands that he take her to this dreamworld she's seen. "Did something happen there? Something bad?" she asks. Cue Hugh Laurie turning around.

That's followed by footage from New York Comic Con (with Clooney's house getting ransacked by villainous robots), glimpses of the futuristic city, including flying cars and fighting robots and Laurie turning to Robertson and saying, gravely, "He thinks you can fix the future."

The trailer ends with one of the more arresting images of the entire clip, as Clooney and Robertson board an ancient spaceship secreted away inside the Eiffel Tower and blast off towards Tomorrowland. (Tomorrowland's founders, a group of inventors, scientists and intellectuals called Plus Ultra, first met at the Eiffel Tower.) What the trailer double-underlines is that there's a real philosophical message at the heart of "Tomorrowland;" this isn't going to be an empty thrill ride, it's going to be an exploration of the entire world's most utopian urges. It's also going to totally kick ass.