When you're already a princess, who wants to go back to just being a "lady"? Lily James is the new "Cinderella," which topped the weekend box office. However, she also plays Lady Rose on "Downton Abbey." In the most recent Season 5 finale, Lady Rose married Atticus and went off to start a life with him. So ... was that it? Between press for "Cinderella" and Rose's story, have we seen the end of Lily at Downton?

Not if the actress can help it. "I'm really hoping to come back," Lily told Zap2it during the "Cinderella" press junket. "I feel like it's definitely going to happen," she said, but noted that it depends on what Julian Fellowes decides to write for Season 6, plus "other things," presumably her own schedule.

Lady Rose is the free spirit of Downton, and she can jump into things without thinking. She and Atticus seem like a perfect match, but you never know. When asked what she'd like to see happen to her character, Lily laughed and said she didn't know, but added, "Part of me wants her to like lose her sh-t and come back completely wrecked and a ruined woman, and part of me wants her to keep her happily ever after."

Heavens! Well, Downton does house its share of tainted women, even if society may not know. The Dowager Countess would be appalled, but she won't be around too much longer herself.