Downton AbbeyThe Dowager Countess's days are numbered.

In an interview with The Sunday Times, "Downton Abbey" star Maggie Smith revealed she'll likely leave the popular British drama after next season.

"They say this is the last one, and I can't see how it could go on," she said. "I mean, I certainly can't keep going. To my knowledge, I must be 110 by now!"

When the series began, it was set in 1912; season 5, which just finished airing in the U.S., took place in 1924. Violet Crawley is probably well into her 80s. Filming for season 6 is currently underway.

Even creator Julian Fellowes seems to think it's time to think about closing "Downton Abbey." It's not really my decision. "It won't go on forever - I'm not a believer in that," he told the New York Times. "But I can't immediately now tell you where the end will be."

Whenever it is, as the Dowager Countess would say, there won't be a dull moment in that house.