So you saw "Divergent" a year ago and loved it. Maybe some of you caught it on cable, bought the DVD, or rented it from Redbox recently to catch up. Perhaps you're so confused by the number of young-adult films Shailene Woodley and her co-stars have made, they're jumbling up in your head (is this the one where Miles Teller is a teen alcoholic? No. Is this the one where Ansel Elgort is her brother or her boyfriend?). I happen to know quite a few girls and women who were so distracted by star Theo James they couldn't tell you much about any scene he was in other than "Four is hot."

We get it. You might not remember everything that happened in "Divergent," so we're here to help jog your memory and to prep you for "Insurgent," the second installment in the dystopian trilogy written by Veronica Roth. Remember that – it's a middle book, so there will, once again, be a cliffhanger.
insurgent what to know