We're still not over the fact that "The Blacklist" pulled a clip show on us last week, but they more than made up for it with this week's exciting (and surprisingly romantic!) episode. In case you blocked it out due to PTSD, Elizabeth Keen is the prime suspect in the murder of Eugene The Friendly Boatsman (that's the name on his birth certificate, right?), and there's only one person left who can prove her innocence: Tom Keen. Unfortunately, he's currently in Germany chilling out with a bunch of Neo-Nazis –– but will he fly back to the Red White and Blue to save his wife? Keep reading....

Red and Ressler Head To Germany, Hook Themselves Up With Ammunition (Literally!)

We're worried about Tom Keen. Between the "SS" tattoo on his neck and the fact that he's taken to beating up randoms in broad daylight, this undercover henchman is becoming creepier by the second. To be honest, it's a huge relief when Raymond Reddington decides he should be brought back to the United States to exonerate Elizabeth (it's about time someone helps Tom help himself), and with the assistance of Agent Ressler he heads to ye olde Germany to scout Tom out.

Upon arriving in Tom's new homeland, Red visits an old friend to get intel on where Mr. Keen is hanging with his leather-clad buddies. He quickly learns that the best way to get to Tom is by doing business with him, so he and Ressler take over as the point-people on an arms deal that Tom is brokering. What could go wrong? Answer: everything.

Elizabeth Prepares To Flee, Red and Ress Hang with Some Nazis

Bad news: ballistics matches the bullet that killed Eugene to Lizzie's gun, and now a judge wants to indict her for murder, not to mention perjury. It's like, don't you know who you're dealing with, here, judge? Have you not seen Red's menacing fedora?

While Lizzie deals with haters trying to harsh her murder buzz, Tom waits for his arms deal to go down with a few Nazi buddies who also happen to be ruthless European drug dealers. But who should show up to make the deal? That would be Red, who apparently speaks German now. Because in case you hadn't noticed, everyone on this show is randomly proficient in foreign languages! Obviously, Tom is like "go away, trying to be a Nazi here," but Red and Ressler definitely have a plan up their collective sleeves.

In order to get Tom to come home, Red convinces his boss that he's playing them. Unfortunately, this leads to a casual shoot out (RIP all the randoms that died) and Tom manages to make his escape while dodging bullets! But don't sweat it –– all that really matters is that Tom knows how much trouble his wife is in.

Agent Cooper's Secret Is Revealed, Tom Saves The Day

Apparently, Agent Cooper is really upset because he perjured himself for Elizabeth, and now he's being extremely angst-y. So angst-y that he has a bloody nose and suffers a seizure, which puts him in a brief coma.

Thanks to Cooper's wife showing up at the hospital to visit her unresponsive husband, Lizzie finally learns about Cooper's brain tumor diagnosis –– but she opts not to tell her friends on the task force. Hmmm, probably for the best considering that a) their group card reads "get well bitch we've got some partying to do," and b) Cooper's tumor is actually shrinking. He could be A-OK before too long!

Cooper's illness prevents him from attending Elizabeth's ruling –– but fear not, Tom shows up and saves the day by admitting that he's Eugene's killer! Of course, the judge still wants to get Liz for being an accessory to murder and whatnot, but he's shut down when US Attorney Thomas Connelly kills the case. Looks like Lizzie is off the hook!

And speaking of Lizzie, it should be noted that Tom vaguely admits to loving her while chatting to the judge, which would be cute if it weren't for the "SS" tattoos on his neck, not to mention the fact that he might flee the country again now that he's a free man....

And now, some burning questions:

1. Last time we checked everyone in D.C. was obsessed with The Fulcrum. Are we ever going to find out what it is?

2. Tom is clearly in love with Elizabeth, but does she return his feelings?

3. Looks like Agent Cooper isn't being killed off quite yet! Will he make a full recovery?

4. Liz might be off the hook, but this judge knows way too many of her secrets. Will he keep his mouth shut?