The Walking DeadThe Walking Dead," as Rick put on a maniacal show while he beat Pete senseless, then waved a gun around while ranting about the community's need to change its ways. That display has certainly cast the constable in a new light for the Alexandrians, and will no doubt affect how the rest of his group sees him, too.

But how much will that divide play into the ensemble's dynamic going forward? And what does it mean for Rick personally? We have a lot of questions about the show as it heads into its 90-minute season finale on Sunday, and we've laid them out below. Here's (some of) what we hope to see addressed as the show ends its fifth season.

1. How will Rick's group react to his outburst?

Screaming about controlling your residents while soaked in blood is one way to lose trust, and I'm certain that members of Rick's crew will be among those who turn against him after this display. But who? Father Gabriel has already declared his lack of faith in the group, so he doesn't really count. Michonne is desperate to fit in at Alexandria at any cost, though she struggled with that during the last episode. But since she's the one who cold-cocked Rick, we're guessing she'll still try to stay on the straight and narrow and play nice with Deanna and co. -- for now. Glenn, already dispirited from the recent deadly supply run, may join Rick's side in solidarity with his frustrations, but that could cause some strain on his relationship with Maggie, who seems eager to tow the line in Alexandria. And we wouldn't be surprised if Deanna pulled rank and exiled the sheriff's deputy -- perhaps setting up a Rick redemption story for season six.

2. Could Carol kill Pete?

Carol has played the part of shrinking violet to perfection since she arrived in Alexandria, keeping her head down, wearing cardigans, and baking cookies and casseroles alongside the rest of the Junior League wannabes. But as her cloak and dagger confrontation with Sam proved, she's ready and willing to whip out her badass side at a moment's notice. And despite the threats she's lobbed against the boy, she can't deny her maternal instincts for long, especially when she realizes the abuse Jessie is suffering (and possibly Sam, too). Carol sees shades of her former life in Jessie's situation, and was the one to suggest that Rick kill Pete, directly leading to last week's climactic streetfight. The Alexandrians have already made it clear that they don't think Pete should die; if Rick is exiled, Carol may be the one who does the deed instead.

3. What's up with those W's?

They've been teased ever since the group arrived in Alexandria, and appearances of zombies with W's carved into their foreheads have only grown more frequent as the season has progressed. They seem to be the mark of an evil group, who chop up bodies and tie live, naked women to trees to serve as zombie chow. But why? Who are these people, and what does their imminent arrival signal for our survivors (other than sadistic doom)? I posited the theory that they could be comprised of former Alexandrians whom Deanna has exiled. Could they be staking out the community (and sending out the W-carved walkers as a warning signal) in hopes for revenge? There's been a lot of talk about the outside world posing a threat to those inside Alexandria, and its residents being woefully ill-equipped to deal with any such problems. That could make for a major showdown (and bloodbath) come Sunday.

4. Will more cannibals appear?

Ever since we encountered the folks at Terminus, I've been wary of the lingering threat of cannibalism lurking around every corner. And really, can you blame me? Gareth and his gang meant serious business (that image of Bob watching his own leg roast on an open fire will stay with me for a long time), and there have been many hints sprinkled throughout the back half of this season that there are more human flesh-loving lunatics waiting in the wings. We saw that pile of body parts outside Noah's former development in Richmond; we heard that radio broadcast during Tyreese's fever dream warning of roving bands of wild men; and now, another telltale heap of arms and legs left behind by the W gang has been discovered. (And don't get me started on the Alexandrians' intense interest in baby Judith; I stand strong in my belief that someone is going to try to eat that child before the season ends.) Let's just say it wouldn't be a huge surprise to me should cannibalism bookend the season.

5. Who will make it out alive?

The "Walking Dead" creative team loves to tease fans with cryptic messages, and executive producer Gale Anne Hurd is no different. In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Hurd said that audiences can expect "some sad losses no one ... will be able to predict" during the finale, which has us wondering just who is on the chomping chopping block. Based on her scattered mental state as of late, I'm guessing Sasha may be next in line to leave. Tara's life currently hangs in the balance, though she hasn't had much to do all season -- an off-screen death would seem kind of mean, even for her. Father Gabriel has annoyed me from day one, and has proven himself an easy target for zombies in the past; I wouldn't be surprised if he was a goner. A real shocker would be if Sam and/or Jessie were killed -- perhaps at the hands of a deranged Pete? That would prompt someone to then kill Pete, most likely. And obviously, I'd love to see Nick get his comeuppance with a big ol' bullet to the skull (or a walker bite; I'm not picky). It's easy to let the bodies pile up while we're speculating, but it's truly anyone's guess who lives and who dies at this point.


Earlier this season, we got our first glimpse at fan favorite character Morgan since way back in season three (and only our third sighting of him throughout "The Walking Dead"'s entire run). He seemed hot on the trail of our survivors, and once he found the map with Rick's name inscribed on it, it seemed like only a matter of time until he was reunited with the sheriff's deputy. But it's been ages since we last saw him -- there's been no mention of him in the back half of this season at all -- and I think we're due for another check-in. Maybe he and Rick can run off and start their own society together? Make it happen, "Walking Dead" writers!

7. Can season five end as explosively as it began?

Way back in October, season five started with a literal bang with Carol's quick-thinking plan to destroy Terminus, and continued on a great run of episodes for several weeks. And then things went off the rails. Beth's Grady Memorial storyline -- and subsequent "shocking" death in the midseason finale -- fell flat for me, and I absolutely hated the overly-self-indulgent, heavy-handed symbolism of the midseason premiere, which saw the death of yet another character (RIP Tyreese; Sasha isn't the only one who misses you). I was so excited when the season began, and that excitement has been waning for a long time; the last few episodes in Alexandria have piqued my interest again, though, and I'm hopeful that this season can still close out as strongly as it opened. (*coughMOREMORGANcough*) Everyone, keep your fingers crossed.

"The Walking Dead" airs its season five finale on Sunday, March 28 at 9 p.m. on AMC.

Photo credit: Gene Page/AMC