Does Jerry Seinfeld like anything? Yes. Crackle. He hosts Crackle's "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee" and he has a high standard for and opinion about the content they are creating for the digital network. However, the "Seinfeld" alum took some shots at just about everyone else while at the Crackle upfront event.

He said he loved the TV experience he had, and if he was going to be a part of something else, he wanted it to be inventing a new experience for viewers. Enter Crackle. "There's nothing different about what we're doing than what anyone else is doing on any media anywhere," Seinfeld said (via TheWrap). "TV networks are worried that you'll figure out TV is over and there's nothing special about it." Is TV really over? It isn't because he says it is, but the way people consume content has certainly changed and it's constantly morphing as new technology emerges.

Seinfeld also knocked the average-joe videos anyone can post, saying, "I don't want to see this crap. We have a giant garbage can called YouTube for user-generated content." He added, "We're trying to generate a little higher level," openly embracing the idea of a "hierarchy" of content with real talent at the top. "I like hierarchy and I like being at the top of the pyramid."

Some viewers are applauding Seinfeld for calling out the garbage on TV and anything-goes depository of YouTube, while others think he's a snob in love with the smell of his own farts. (No seriously, that's one of the comments.) Where do you stand?