TNT's 25th Anniversary Party - Arrivals

Mulder and Scully aren't the only familiar faces returning for Fox's upcoming "X-Files" revival: Walter Skinner is set to make a triumphant comeback, too.

The actor behind the FBI director, Mitch Pileggi, took to Twitter to announce the news himself, writing that Skinner would "once again be getting all grumpy and bitchy with his two wayward kids." Pileggi added that he was "Very happy" to be involved in the new episodes, which also feature original leads David Duchony and Gillian Anderson, a.k.a. those wayward kids.

"X-Files" fans rejoiced when Fox announced late last month that the series would be making a comeback, more than a dozen years after leaving the airwaves. The original series ran for nine season from 1993 to 2002.

Production on the six new episodes is set to begin this summer. No airdate has been announced yet.

[via: Mitch Pileggi]

Photo credit: Getty Images