Get OUT, Netflix! Last year, Netflix made some new "Friends," but Hulu is now trying to match that move by purchasing the SVOD (subscription video on demand) rights to "Seinfeld." Oh, and right after that news came out, during Hulu's NewFront presentation on April 29, it was revealed that Hulu also landed an exclusive output deal with AMC. That deal will include all upcoming episodes of "The Walking Dead" spinoff/companion series, "Fear the Walking Dead." Hulu is just out with all guns blazing right now.

"Fear the Walking Dead"

The "Walking Dead" spinoff will debut later this summer (no official date yet) with six episodes, with a second season to follow in 2016. Variety said Hulu only mentioned that spinoff, but the deal with AMC will probably include more programming that has yet to air on the network, and it also includes other channels in the AMC family, including IFC, BBC America, Sundance TV, WE tv and IFC Films. It's pretty big and, they added, a similar deal did well for Netflix and AMC in 2011.


Back to the "Seinfeld" purchase. According to Variety, that deal is valued at just under $1 million an episode, although Deadline heard it's around $700,000. The financial details aren't being disclosed, but there are 180 episodes of the NBC comedy, so that's around $130M-$180M to split between Sony Pictures V, Time Warner's Castle Rock, and "Seinfeld" profit participants, including Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David. It's not nothing! Deadilne said it may even be close to double the per-episode price that "Friends" landed from Netflix. The "Seinfeld" episodes are scheduled to premiere in June.

Hulu recently made a deal with CBS TV Distribution for more than 300 episodes of "CSI." They're really putting a lot of money into this, investing in very popular shows. So far, some commenters are frustrated that more shows are going to Hulu, since it means more commercials. If that ends up hurting Hulu, they may have to change their ways, but for now they seem to be doing pretty well.