If nothing else, the new trailer for "Manglehorn" is a good advertisement for the U.S. Post Office. Al Pacino plays A.J. Manglehorn, a lonely locksmith obsessed with an old flame named Clara. He constantly sends her letters, then repeatedly checks his mailbox for replies. It's old school like that, but there's always been a romance to the love letter, as opposed to the immediacy of the booty call text.

"Manglehorn" was directed by David Gordon Green ("Pineapple Express, "All the Real Girls") and co-stars Chris Messina as A.J.'s son Jacob and Holly Hunter as A.J.'s potential new love interest, a bank teller named Dawn. Manglehorn doesn't do much besides fix locks, dote on his cat, and remain heartbroken by the Clara he loved and lost so many years ago. If he were a woman, they'd call him an eccentric crazy cat lady, so we'll call him an eccentric crazy cat gentleman. Nothing wrong with that. Except when it gets in the way of being a good parent.

Pacino is getting high praise for his work here, and when "Manglehorn" hits theaters June 19, you can decide where you'd rank this performance in his impressive filmography.

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