AMC's "Mad Men," which ends its seven-season run on Sunday, was set in New York but largely situated in the grey area between good and bad, where morally compromised men and women are driven by a specific set of needs, desires, and compulsive urges. These are people who, under the confines of the social, political, and cultural norms of the time, attempted to live their lives the best way they could, even if those lives ended up messy and painful. And yet some of these characters were just jerks.

There's an element of wish fulfillment in watching "Mad Men," in the ways the show creates a romantic nostalgia of another time and place, where men could be men and get away with murder, and women wore lots of interesting patterns while being denied fundamental human rights. And the biggest jerks of "Mad Men's" seven seasons are the perfect embodiment of this wistfulness –- in some ways you want to be them, even while finding them ethically repugnant.

It's in this spirit that we run down the ten biggest "Mad Men" d-bags. These are the characters who you love to hate and hate to love, who gave the series even more shading by making that moral grey area really, really grey.