pitch perfect 2 family reviewThe Barden Bellas are back, folks, and this time they've been the reigning U.S. a cappella champions for three years running. But after one big rip in Fat Amy's costume, the winning team turns into an epic a cappella fail. In this sequel to 2012's sleeper hit, Beca (Anna Kendrick), Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson), Chloe (Brittany Snow) and co. return to redeem their Bellas from being the shame of American a cappella by competing in the world a cappella competition against the German international champions. While not considered as fabulous as the original, the sequel is still funny enough to compel even third and fourth graders to see it (in case you're wondering, for the most part, that's a bit young for the humor).

Here are five issues to keep in mind before heading off to see the Bellas return to glory in "Pitch Perfect 2."

1. Did your kid see the original?

While it's not a requirement to see "Pitch Perfect" to understand what's going on; there are some jokes and even character relationships that won't be quite as funny or memorable without having seen the original. Plus, the original serves a baseline for whether this movie is appropriate for your kid; if you weren't comfortable with your child seeing the first film three years ago, then revisit it before heading out to see part 2.

2. Are you OK with slightly raunchy humor?

While some of the jokes may go over younger viewers' heads, there are many references to an embarrassing moment in the Bellas' opening a cappella performance: Fat Amy's costume splits and she ends up with her genitalia in full view of the President and First Lady of the United States at the Kennedy Center of the Performing Arts. The mishap is called "Muffgate," and that's just the opening gag. Going from there, expect several more jokes about Fat Amy's private parts as well as ongoing references to sex, women's bodies, sexual confusion, etc.

3. Do you worry about sex/language?

There are several sexual jokes in the movie, but there aren't any actual sex scenes, although it's clear people are having sex, especially Fat Amy and her "friend with benefits," Bumper. Parents might find it troubling how he asks her if she's coming over that night to hook up, and she answers by saying "No" and then winking, repeatedly. In another scene they dramatically confess their love for each other and start making out -- tongues out and rolling around on the ground -- but that's as far as the sex goes. As for the language, there are a few words thrown around like "bitch[es]," "ass," "s—t," "dick," and the like, but the language isn't that frequent.

4. Who will enjoy the movie most?

Definitely anyone who saw and loved the first "Pitch Perfect" will want to see the original Bellas reprise their roles once more. Despite the PG-13 rating and occasionally explicit scatological and sex jokes, "Pitch Perfect" has a huge following among tween girls. I saw a few girls as young as 7 or 8 at the 10 p.m. screening I attended, so be prepared for your kids (especially girls) to hear about the movie -- even if you don't plan to let them see it. Most likely, girls 10-15 will be the most interested in seeing the a cappella comedy.

5. What are critics saying about "Pitch Perfect 2"?

Critics have generally enjoyed the second "Pitch Perfect" movie, but the sequel isn't as universally beloved as the original. Entertainment Weekly's Leah Greenblatt raved "PP2 sometimes feels less like a movie than a two-hour episode of Glee ghostwritten by Amy Schumer; jokes fly like they're being shot from T-shirt guns at a gonzo pep rally, and not all of them stick the landing." USA Today's Claudia Puig sums up the consensus: "While just a jot less fun than its predecessor, 'Pitch Perfect 2' is a worthy sequel in tone, even if the story feels padded with a few too many montages." Meanwhile, The Playlist's Rodrigo Perez wasn't impressed: "Perhaps due to its rote, by-the-numbers story, all of the original film's less tangible, hard-to-bottle qualities are absent: its delightfulness, its playfulness, and its natural charisma."