coach bombay, emilio estevez, the mighty ducksCoach Gordon Bombay shared some inspirational platitudes once again on Monday night when actor Emilio Estevez channeled his "Mighty Ducks" character to cheer on the Anaheim Ducks during an NHL playoff game.

Estevez, who to a generation of filmgoers is most closely associated with Coach Bombay, decided to play up his connection to the real-life Ducks (which were formed by Disney following the success of the studio's "Mighty Ducks" franchise) and root for the team via social media, as they battled the Chicago Blackhawks in the Western Conference Finals. Estevez took to Twitter and used the hashtag #GordonBombay to signify his inspiration for jumping on the Ducks bandwagon, and quickly worked his way through a plethora of memorable quotes from the films.

"Ducks Fly Together," the "Quack! Quack! Quack!" chant, and invoking "the Flying V" all appeared on Estevez's feed, as the worked up actor reacted to the twists and turns of the game. As the Ducks claimed a nail-biting overtime victory, Estevez couldn't help but use some Disney-unfriendly language to sum up his excitement.

Check out some of the actor's exuberant posts below. Here's hoping Estevez Bombay continues the live-tweeting throughout the rest of the Ducks's playoff run. (Or maybe he can offer to teach the team the triple deke?)

[via: Emilio Estevez, h/t People]

Photo credit: YouTube