jurassic park, sesame street, cookie monster, sesame street parodyWhat do you get when you combine Cookie Monster with "Jurassic Park"? Jurassic Cookie, naturally.

That's the latest hilarious parody from the pop culture-loving kids program "Sesame Street," which reimagines the big blue puppet as a John Hammond-type, attempting to turn a fragment of a prehistoric cookie stuck in amber into a real, giant, T-rex-size cookie. Just like in "Jurassic Park," though, Cookie's plan doesn't exactly pan out, as his T-rex/gingerbread man hybrid breaks free and terrorizes the monster and his grandchildren.

There's a bunch of clever winks to the 1993 flick -- and its upcoming sequel, "Jurassic World" -- including a tense scene set in a kitchen in which Cookie and the kids have to outsmart the edible dino, and a race past a dinosaur skeleton made out of cookie fragments. ("First time cookie ever tried to eat me!" a confused Cookie Monster declares.) The tables turn for the creature, though, when the monster gets a whiff of the giant cookie's gingerbread, and gives chase himself.

Check out the adorable clip below. (You might want to have some cookies onhand, as a deep craving for the confections is likely to ensue.)

Photo credit: YouTube