rock the kasbahThere are plenty of ridiculous moments featured in the new trailer for "Rock the Kasbah," which stars Bill Murray as floundering music manager Richie Lanz, who's trying to revive his career by taking one of his artists on tour in...Afghanistan?

Yes, that not-so-brilliant idea is the central premise for "Kasbah," though that's only the beginning. Richie's incredulous protege singer (Zooey Deschanel) promptly bails on him as soon as they touch down, taking his wallet and passport for good measure; after he's briefed on the situation by a gun-toting Bruce Willis, he has to decide what to do with himself now that he's adrift overseas.

Then, Richie stumbles upon a local teenager who's trying to make it to a singing competition in Kabul, "Afghan Star," and the hapless manager takes the girl under his wing. We're told she has a great voice, but we don't hear it here; maybe that's another misconception floating around Richie's already-hazy brain?

Based on this clip alone, it's hard to pass a firm judgement on "Kasbah." Perhaps the haphazardness on display here is meant to mirror Murray's character's mental state? The actor seems to be playing a drunker, wilder-haired version of himself, and who doesn't love Bill Murray?

Check out the clip for yourself below. "Rock the Kasbah" is due in theaters on October 23.

Photo credit: YouTube