Mireille Enos at the 2015 ABC UpfrontWe'll soon be seeing The Killing," in a far more glamorous light: She stars in the upcoming The Catch," which will air on ABC in early 2016.

"It's a thriller. It's about con artists and a kind of cat-and-mouse end game. It's classy and exciting. I'm a forensic accountant, so I'm hunting for con artists," Enos told Moviefone on June 7th at a Tony Awards viewing party. "And then I get conned. And also, it turns out, I have something to hide as well. So there's many levels of conning going on."

Chimed in husband Alan Ruck, "She's sneaky!" The "Spin City" star ruled out appearing on the series. "No, it's a big, glam show. That's not my wheelhouse. I don't go there too much."

Enos says she'll "spank it up" in the wardrobe department. Say goodbye to those mousy, oversized sweaters she wore for so much of "The Killing." The chunky sweaters were, of course, a way to hide her then-pregnancy.

As for the upcoming "World War Z" sequel, Enos said it "would be fun" if her character was allowed to kick some zombie ass this time around. As Ruck pointed out, "Mireille's got a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, so I think we ought to do that. Let's call Brad [Pitt]."

"I did kick a zombie in the head in the car," Enos noted of the first film. She said she hasn't seen a script yet for the film, which has a June 2017 release date. Juan Antonio Bayona ("The Orphanage," "The Impossible") will direct.