maya rudolph, rachel dolezalIf you've been thinking that it's too bad that Saturday Night Live" cast, you're not alone. If you've been thinking that that's too bad because she'd do a killer impression of Rachel Dolezal, you're still not alone.

During a recent visit to "Late Night with Seth Meyers," Rudolph revealed that she's told on a daily basis that she should do a Dolezal impression. "The whole thing is very fascinating to me," Rudolph said of Dolezal's headline-making reimagining of her racial history.

Meyers replayed the painfully awkward clip that's been making the rounds of a local TV news reporter asking Dolezal point blank if she's a black woman, and the stunned Dolezal stuttering, looking confused and angry, and finally just walking away. Rudolph then produced a wig that she just happened to have with her, and did a spot-on, hilarious impression of Dolezal's wide-eyed reactions.

Rudolph's perfect impression is worth seeing for yourself. Check it out below. (Do you think we can convince Rudolph to come back to "SNL" to reprise it?)

Photo credit: YouTube